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Courses and Instructor Availability

Blaine Nay, Instructor

I usually don't publish a fixed class schedule. Instead, I post times I'm available (open) to teach the Utah Concealed Firearm Course, the Boy Scout shooting merit badges, or any NRA course (including NRA instructor certification) listed and described below. Pick an "open" period that fits your schedule and I'll set up your training. You may break up your training over multiple sessions if necessary. I am available as needed to teach during any of the following "open" dates and times (all times are Mountain Time):

  • Wed, Sep 19, 8 am to 6 pm - Open
  • Thu, Sep 20, 8 am to 6 pm - Open
  • Fri, Sep 21, 8 am to 6 pm - Open
  • Mon, Sep 24, 8 am to 6 pm - Open
  • Wed, Sep 26, 8 am to 6 pm - Open
  • Thu, Sep 27, 8 am to 6 pm - Open
  • Fri, Sep 28, 8 am to 6 pm - Open

I have no plans offer a Utah Hunter Education Course in September. Contact the Utah Division of Wildlife for other possible class offerings.

I have no plans for an NRA Instructor Certification Course in September. I will conduct a class on request (see availability dates above). The minimum class size for NRA instructor certification is 4. If you have a group of 4-9 people who need NRA certification, let me know and I'll set up a class for you. Minimum age for instructor training is 13 but all instructor candidates must be experienced shooters. You can estimate class duration by checking here. For other instructor certification opportunities, go to www.nrainstructors.org/searchcourse.aspx.


  • Each new month's schedule will be posted approximately the 24th of the previous month. To be notified by email when my new schedule is posted, email me.
  • Class duration and prices for my NRA classes are listed below. When picking a time to train, be sure at least two hours are in the daylight so we can go to the range to shoot. Feel free to break up your training over multiple days if necessary.
  • Feel free to bring your own handgun and ammo. If you don't have a gun to train with, I have several different brands and models you may shoot. If you don't already have one, I suggest you do not buy a gun until after the training -- we'll talk about things to consider when buying a gun. Utah does not require you to qualify with the specific gun you will carry.
  • Applicants for the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit must be at least 21 years of age. The training certification is valid for one year, so feel free to take the training as early as your 20th birthday. My fee for the Utah concealed firearms class is $50 ($70 for couples, $20 for military veterans, public school staff, and college students from states that permit concealed carry on campus).
  • Family members mature enough to understand the course content and follow instructions are welcome and encouraged to attend any course (including the concealed firearms course) at no charge if there is room and if they are not seeking certification.
  • All classes (except live fire training) are usually taught in my basement classroom (see address below). I will drive anywhere within 300 miles of Cedar City to teach a course for people who can find a suitable place for the classroom portion, a safe place on public land to shoot, and a few other people to take the class (minimum 6, maximum 8).
  • There is no minimum class size except NRA instructor certification (minimum 4) and classes held at locations other than my own facilities (minimum 6).
  • Graduates of any of my courses are always welcome to attend that same course again at no charge if there is room. Call me at (435) 590-7569 or send me an email to see if there is room for you.
  • For information on becoming a Utah Hunter Education Instructor go here.
  • For a $10 to $25 discount on NRA memberships, go to here.
  • If you want to schedule any of the above training or, if you want to receive monthly email notices (or to be removed from notices) of future gun safety training opportunities, call me at (435) 590-7569 or send me an email.
  • Classroom is at 714 South 1175 West, Cedar City, Utah. By appointment only.


Comment from a former student (divorced woman): "...my ex took me out shooting and he said, '*@%^*, you're deadly with that thing!' Ha,ha, loved how big his eyes got. Bet he'll listen to me now and take me seriously too, but it's too late. Got my shotgun too. Now, to stock up on ammo."

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Three-Peaks Gun Safety Courses

Blaine Nay, Instructor

I have been a shooter nearly all my life. In fact, my shooting experience began so early in my life that I can't remember when my father first took me shooting. Being a life-long shooter himself as well as an Army MP in post-war Germany, Dad was careful to ensure I learned fun, safe, and effective use of firearms. I feel an obligation and desire to pass that experience on to others. Consequently, I have been a certified firearm instructor continuously since 1986. I do my part to ensure the shooting sports remain safe.

My training as a shooter began with my father and an uncle. That training as a youth was augmented with the Utah Hunter Education Course and the Boy Scout Marksmanship Merit Badge. As an adult, I've taken both military and law-enforcement firearms training. I have been an NRA-certified instructor and Hunter Education instructor since 1986. I have earned medals in both rifle and pistol competition. I have taken, and am certified most NRA shooting courses. I am an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. Most importantly, I regularly take advanced training from nationally-ranked trainers to improve my skills as a shooter and as an instructor.

I don't need to teach firearms courses to make money. Instead, I teach because I believe in, and fight to defend, our right to own and use firearms for defense, fun, sport, and hunting.

Because teaching firearms safety, for me, is essentially a service to the community and not a path to wealth, I don't have an established schedule for classes. I teach whenever is agreeable to the students and fits my schedule (see above). I usually teach the classroom portion in my Cedar City, Utah home to keep costs down for the student and go to the nearby range at Three Peaks to shoot. I will also teach at other locations provided by the students. The city (yup, I had to get a business license) allows me to have up to 6 students per class in my home.

I teach most of the NRA courses:

  • Eddie Eagle - Free
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety (4 hours) - Free
  • NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation (4 hours) - Free
  • NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation (4 hours) - Free
  • NRA First Steps Shotgun Orientation (4 hours) - Free
  • NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home (8 hours) - $50
  • NRA Basic Rifle (14 hours) - $50
  • NRA Basic Pistol (8 hours) - $50
  • NRA Basic Shotgun (10 hours) - $50
  • NRA Basic Muzzleloading Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun (12 hours) - $50
  • NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading (8 hours) - $50
  • NRA Basic Shotgun Cartridge Reloading (8 hours) - $50

    NRA course duration includes range time and may vary depending on student needs. I usually have materials on hand to teach the NRA courses with short notice.

    Most NRA courses are $50 per person ($70 per couple) which includes classroom materials. The Home Firearm Safety and Eddie Eagle courses are free.

    Individualized training is $20 per hour per person.

    It annoys me when a gun dealer sells a small "cute" (or even pink) handgun to a woman, saying, "This is a lady's gun" when it reality is a difficult and painful gun for a novice to shoot. I want to prevent that. So, I offer an hour of free individualized training to first-time gun buyers -- before they buy a gun. The purpose of this training is to allow new shooters to try several guns before dropping hundreds of dollars on a gun they may not like and will never shoot because it isn't a good fit for that person.

    All my training requires the following standards for successful completion:

  • A written test with a passing score,
  • A Shooting test with satisfactory demonstration of shooting proficiency and safety awareness,
  • Attitude -- my sole and personal judgment as to the student's demonstration of maturity and mental and emotional fitness to possess a firearm
  • .

    In my experience, most experienced shooters who come to my classes who have bad shooting habits are willing to correct those habits -- at least while in my class. When they leave, they are better shooters because they have cleaned up those habits.

    Most of my students who have problems, however, are those who have never touched a gun in their lives. These are almost always middle-aged women or older. While they have come to my training so they can uses a gun for self-defense, they typically are afraid of the gun.

    I begin every class with the attitude and assurance that you're going to have fun and that shooting will become an enjoyable life-long hobby. My classroom is light-hearted, yet deadly serious about learning safety and gun-handling skills. I'm hardly a stand-up comedian, but I keep my classroom presentations light-hearted with a bit of humor.

    In the classroom, beginners get to handle real firearms (no live ammo in the room, of course) including loading magazines (with dummy ammo, of course) operating slides, cylinders, and triggers, aiming, dry-fire, etc.

    When we get to the range, my beginning handgun shooters generally start out on a .22 (such as the Ruger Mark III) from a bench over sandbags. They don't get off the sandbags until they have mastered the fundamentals (secrets) of shooting (sight alignment, sight picture, hold control breath control, trigger control, follow-through). With a .22 on sandbags, students always seem to pick up those fundamentals quickly.

    When they are comfortable with the .22 we move gradually up the power scale to guns that are more adequate for self-defense. I back off as soon as they fire the first shot in a gun they find unpleasant in recoil, size, weight, etc. They shoot both revolvers and semi-autos from the sandbags (I have over a dozen handguns for my students to try).

    Once we find a centerfire handgun a student likes, they graduate to a standing position. I have them try isosceles and Weaver stances, then let them pick whatever position feels most comfortable for them. By this time, even the most timid beginner is having fun and has good defensive-shooting accuracy. At that point, we're ready to begin some basic defensive-shooting training. I rarely need to spend more than a half hour in all that preparatory live-fire training.

    One extremely important factor in training a new shooter is gun selection. When a student signs up for a class, I tell then to not buy a gun until after the class, that we'll talk about gun selection in the class, and that they'll get to try several different guns to find what they like best. It really bothers me when a 70-year-old woman brings a Ruger LCP or a S&W Airweight to her first shooting experience. She usually has that gun because "It's cute," her son recommended it, or (worst of all) a gun store clerk recommended it. Small guns are experts' guns -- not guns for new shooters -- no matter how cute the gun is. Grandma doesn't get to shoot her "cute" gun until she has mastered shooting with a full-sized gun. If her first shot is with an LCP or an Airweight, it'll also be her last. She'll refuse to take a second shot.

    Naturally, I cannot and will not teach anyone who is "restricted" (felons, persons with a misdemeanor domestic-violence conviction, persons who have been adjudicated mentally incompetent, drug/alcohol addicts, or minors without written parental permission) so don't ask. If you are currently restricted from possessing a firearm and have learned to behave yourself, I suggest you go to Criminal Record Expungement and Sealing and Expungement Links for assistance in clearing up your criminal record.

    The Utah Hunter Education Course is mandatory for hunters born after 1965. Utah has two ways of completing Utah Hunter Education. The most common is the traditional classroom method. This is what I am certified to teach. The state also offers an Internet version where most of the classroom material is covered online without a live instructor. On completing the online portion, you go to the range with a certified instructor. Again, I'm not certified to conduct the shooting for the Internet version. The traditional course takes about 12-15 hours. The course is organized in six lessons which include wildlife identification and survival as well as firearms safety and use. I usually teach the course in 4 evening sessions of 3 to 3-1/2 hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and up to three hours at the range on Saturday). I like to get started at 6:30 PM. The shooting on Saturday will be scheduled for a time that is convenient for everyone. I can usually bunch the lessons into two days if desired. I usually need as much as a couple of weeks notice to get training materials from the state for this training. On the first night of class, you will need to bring a Utah "Hunter Education Registration Certificate" ($10 from a dealer that sells hunting and fishing licenses). There is no other charge except the cost of your ammunition. When you satisfactorily complete the training, I sign your "Hunter Education Registration Certificate" and it becomes a small-game hunting license. The shooting portion is done with a 22-caliber rifle. I have some rifles students can borrow if you don't have your own. There is no age restriction, but I find that children under age 10 have a hard time passing. I require children under 12 to have a parent, guardian or other adult relative present during all training. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to join older children as well. Even teens seem to feel more comfortable in the class if a parent is with them.

    The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Utah is considered one of the most desirable CCW permits in the nation. It is recognized in over 30 states (varies with the political winds in other States), does not require listing of any specific weapons, is valid for 5 years, has a low initial and renewal fee, and is available to all responsible adults in the US. The concealed firearm permit is not for those who are willing to shoot to kill, and to shoot first and ask questions later. The permit is not a license to shoot or kill anyone and does not, in any way, alter the permit holder's responsibility to obey the same lethal-force laws applicable to non-permit-holders. It merely restores the constitutional right to carry the most effective tool to fight for one's life if necessary. I combine the Utah Concealed Firearms course requirements with the NRA Personal Protection course. Classroom time is about 6-7 hours depending on the student's experience and questions. Range time varies -- we shoot until the students demonstrate good safety practices and proficiency -- typically 1-2 hours. If we do the classroom portion and the range portion in one day, you can plan on about 8 hours total. My state-approved syllabus includes shooting both a semi-auto and a revolver. Feel free to preview my slides. If you have your own, that's what I'd like you to shoot so that you will be comfortable with your own gun. If you don't have one or the other type of handgun, you can use mine. I have both revolvers and semi-autos that you can use for the training or just to try out. You'll typically shoot 20-100 rounds depending on experience. If you are a public school employee, see my section on guns in school. Although they are ineligible for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, this course is also suitable for teens with parental permission -- no charge. I charge $50 per person or $70 per couple. If a spouse (or other family members) doesn't want or need the certification, she/he is still welcome to attend for free. You'll also pay a $39 ($49 for non-Utah residents) application fee to the state. I discount my fee to $20 per person for Utah school employees (K-college), college students (age 21 minimum), Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network members, and military veterans.

    Boy Scout Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, and Archery Merit Badges. I will work with Troops or with individual Scouts as needed. Course duration varies with the needs of the Scout(s) but plan on times similar to those listed above for comparable NRA courses. Boy Scout training is free unless the Scout is seeking other certification such as the Utah Hunter Education Course when appropriate fees are charged.

    I help out a bit with local 4-H Shooting Sports activities. If you want more information on 4-H shooting opportunities, please contact me or the Iron County Extension Office. or, you can go to the website of the 4-H Shooting club with which I work.

    Anyone attending any of my classes is welcome to bring a family member or two to audit the course at no cost provided the class size does not exceed 6 total attendees. This will give those family members some very useful safety and awareness information and maybe even have some fun. Parents of minor students are especially encouraged to attend. If the family members attending the same class want the course certification, I will give them a $30 discount, but no course materials. Even anti-gun family members are welcome with the understanding that I'm here to provide safety training -- not to debate the merits of gun rights. (For my side of the gun debate, go to my Hoplophile website.)

    Do you want to be an instructor? As an NRA Training Counselor, I am able to certify new NRA instructors in the following disciplines:

  • NRA Basic Instructor Training (6 hours - see paragraph below) - $75 *
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor Certification (5 hours) - $60
  • NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor Certification (9 hours) - $110
  • NRA Pistol Instructor Certification (11 hours) - $130
  • NRA Rifle Instructor Certification (14 hours) - $160
  • NRA Shotgun Instructor Certification (11 hours) - $130
  • NRA Muzzleloading Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Instructor Certification (18 hours) - $150
  • NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor Certification (9 hours) - $110
  • NRA Shotshell Reloading Instructor Certification (9 hours) - $110
  • NRA Range Safety Officer Certification (9 hours) - $110
  • * NRA policy requires you to take NRA Basic Instructor Training if you have not taken it in the past 2 weeks no matter how many times you've taken it in the past.

    Minimum class size for instructor training is 4 instructor candidates.

    To calculate the cost of your training, add the cost of each discipline-specific course you need plus the cost of Basic Instructor Training. Likewise, to calculate the time needed for your training, add the time needed for each discipline-specific course you need plus the time needed for Basic Instructor Training. Because many of the courses have overlapping content, the fees given above are maximums. Once you decide what you want to do, I'll let you know what the total financial and time investment would be.

    The above fees include the NRA instructor application fee. I'll file the application for you. I give a $30 discount off the total to registered 4-H or BSA adult leaders who are also NRA members. (NRA membership is highly recommended, but not required to be an NRA instructor. If you are an NRA member, your membership number will also be your instructor number. If you aren't currently an NRA member, you can sign up here with a $10 discount.) I give the training to registered 4-H or BSA youth leaders (ages 13 through 17) for the cost of the application fee only.

    On completion of this training, new instructors ages 13-17 may receive NRA Apprentice Instructor Status. New instructors ages 18-20 may receive NRA Assistant Instructor Status. New instructors ages 21 or older may receive full NRA Certified Instructor Status.

    Call (435) 590-7569 or (435) 867-5976 for more information or to schedule your training. Or, you can send me an email by clicking here.

    Recommended books & magazines on shooting.

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    Where To Shoot

    Three Peaks Shooting Range, Iron County, Utah
    • The 275-acre Three Peaks Shooting Range, operated by Iron County, Utah is the home of the Utah Summer Games shooting events.
    • There is no charge to use the range.
    • The range is unattended.
    • The range area currently has a 300-yard range, a smallbore/pistol range, a cowboy-action range, a police range, and a 1,000-yard range.
    • How to get there: From Main Street in Cedar City, drive west on Highway 56 (200 North). After traveling 5.3 miles turn right on Iron Springs Road. After another 5.4 miles, turn right onto a dirt road. After 2.0 miles, you'll see the range on your left.
    • Shoot only from the designated shooting stations on the concrete pads, setting your targets at the appropriate distance from the concrete pad. Don't go 300 yards downrange to the backstops to shoot. That wastes the entire 300-yard range behind you that somebody else may need.
    • Follow all safety rules as outlined by the NRA.
    • If others are using the range, coordinate trips downrange for target checks, etc.
    • Don't use the signs, trash cans, and privies as targets!
    • Sadly, already we have grossly inconsiderate folks who are taking their household trash (old TVs, vacuum cleaners, tables, ironing boards, lawn mowers, car batteries, transmissions, etc.) to the range for use as targets. If you're adult enough to shoot, you're adult enough to have consideration for those who use the range after you leave. When you leave, please take your targets, expended brass, and other trash with you.
    • For more information, call the Iron County Parks Manager, at 435-867-7329.
    • Map.

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    Recreational Shooting Access on Public Lands

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    1903A3 Springfield Info 1903A3 Springfield Parts (Amherst Depot)
    1903A3 Springfield Parts (SARCO) 1911 Disassembly
    358 Hawk (A 30-06 Wildcat) 4D Products - Gunsmith Tool Rental
    98 Mauser 98 Mauser Yahoo Group
    Action Bedding Accurizing the M1 Garand
    AIM Surplus AK Buyer's Guide
    All You Ever Needed to Know About Lubricants, But Were Too Bored to Ask American Gunsmithing Institute
    AR-15 Schematic at MidwayUSA Auction Arms
    Barrel Break-In Barrel Making
    Barrel Manufacturers Bending the Bolt
    Bending the Bolt Bound Logbooks for Gun Collectors and Dealers
    Boyd's Gunstocks Brownell's
    Brownell's Gunsmith Benchtalk Tips Brownell's Mauser Build-up Tips and Tools
    Browning Arms Building a Mauser Match Rifle
    Build The Ultimate AR-15 Carbelite Rifle Stocks
    Century Arms Imports CeramaCoat Firearms Finish
    Chamber Reamer Rental Charley's Surplus Sales
    Claro Walnut Gunstocks Clymer Chamber Reamers and Headspace Guages
    Collecting and Shooting Military Surplus Arms Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing School
    Curios & Relics (C&R) License CZ-52 (Makarov.com)
    CZ-52 (SurplusRifle.com) DuraCoat Firearms Finish
    Elk Ridge Gunstocks Elk Ridge Reamer Rental
    Ellison's Military Rifles Empire Arms
    Engraving by Gabe  
    Euroarms of America Fajen Gunstocks
    FFL & Gunsmith Finder GA Boss C&R Page
    Gallery of Guns Garand Data
    Great American Gunstocks Great Southern Arms
    GunBroker Online Gun Auction GunParts, Inc
    Guns & Ammo Directory of the Firearms Trade Guns America
    Gun-Kote Firearms Finish Guns-n-Stuff
    Gunstock Finishing by Hiatt Hawk Wildcats (Based on 30-06 Case)
    Herrett Stocks Hoosier Gun Parts
    How to Break-In a New Barrel Hunters Lodge
    Installing a Lo-Swing Safety Inter Ordnance Gun Collectors Source
    J&G Sales KY Imports
    LRB Arms M1 Garand Info
    M1 Garand Parts (Amherst Depot) M1 Garand Parts (Fulton Armory)
    M1 Garand Parts (Numrich) M1 Garand Parts (SARCO)
    M1 Garand Scout-Style Scope Mount M1 Garand Spare Parts Kit Recommendations
    M1 Garand Throat Erosion Gauge: What it is, how to use it, what it means! M1 Thumb-Saver Device
    Making a Rifled Barrel Manuals for Surplus, Antique, and Modern Firearms
    Mauser Action Lengths  
    Mauser Action Lengths Mauser Bolt Action FAQ
    Mauser Bolt Disassembly Mauser Bolt-Stop Disassembly
    Mauser Central Mauser Disassembly
    Mauser FAQs Mauser Lo-Swing Safety Installation
    Mauser Parts Mauser Scope Mounts
    Mauser Tune-Up Mauser Variations
    Mauser Variations Miculek S&W Revolver Spring Kit for K, L & N Frame Revolvers
    Military Gun Supply  
    Mitchell's Mausers Natchez Shooters Supply
    Numrich Gun Parts Old Mausers
    Pacific Tool and Gauge Gunsmithing Tools Painting a Handgun
    Parkerizing Ponderosa Gun Parts
    Poppert's Gun Parts Pre-1899 Antique Guns FAQ
    Precision Gunstocks Real Guns
    Reamer Rental Co-Op Reese Surplus
    Richard's Microfit Gunstocks Richard's Microfit Gunstocks
    Rifle Stock Finishing, Refinishing and Building SAMCO
    SARCO Skinner Sights
    SKS Firing Pins Slow-Rust Bluing
    SOG International Spanish 7mm 1893 Mauser
    Sporter Express: Parts for Your Custom Mauser Steve's Index to Firearm Manuals
    Stock Bedding Stock Man
    Stock Manufacturers SurplusRifle
    Swedish Mauser - Dead or Alive? SwitchBarrel
    Turkish Mauser Tips US Martial Arms Collector
    VTI Replica Gun Parts Wagner's Mauser Restoring and Sporterizing
    Wagner's Turkish Mauser Page War Rifles
    Wenig Custom Gunstocks What is a "Good Trigger"?
    What Makes An Accurate Rifle Wholesale Guns & Ammo
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    Competition Shooting

    6mm Bench Rest Allen's Biathlon Page
    AR15Sales Associations
    Better Performance Through Proper Nutrition Bison Ballistics
    Books & Magazines on Shooting Cabin Tree Range Boxes
    Camp Perry Packing List Champion's Choice
    Chronograph Competition Shooting Sports
    Corrosion Protection Products Corrosion Test: Rust Preventatives for Firearms
    Creedmore Sports Crossed-Ankle Sitting Position
    Developing a Training Plan Dry Fire Drills for the High Power Competitor
    Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol Equipment and Ammunition for Competition
    Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Clubs
    Gun Safety Training Highpower Rifle Competition by Robert Gibson
    Highpower Rifle Match Etiquette High Power Training Drills
    Hoffner's Shooting Accessories Importance of the Data Book
    Insuring a Gun Collection International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts
    Introduction to Pistol Competition It's Just a Sling
    Konrad's Highpower Page Lead Poisoning
    LOMO Spotting Scopes M1 Gas Cylinder Finishes
    M1 Garand: Making Your Own Two-Round Clips M1 Gas Cylinders
    M1 Operating Rods M1 Spare Parts Kit Recommendations
    M1 Service Rifle Targeting M1 Rifle Sight-In
    M1 Throat Erosion M1 Trigger Guards and Clamping
    Making Two-Round Garand Clips National Match Course Equipment List by Bill Poole
    National Match Rear Sights: What You Need To Know! National Match Shooting
    No-Wind Zero and Marking Your Sights NRA Competitive Shooting Programs
    NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program NRA Postal Matches
    NSSF Online Shooters Links Reading the Wind (600 Yard Firing)
    Reading the Wind (Rapid Fire) Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance
    Rock River Arms  
    Shooting Positions Shooting Sports Reporter
    Shooting Sports Specialists (Kiesler's Online) Shooting Techniques and Tactics
    Shooting Tips Sighting-in the M1/M14-type rifle
    Targeting the M1 Garand Rifle Targets (6mmBR)
    Targets (AmmoGuide) Targets (AR7)
    Targets (DotClue) Targets (GlockFAQ)
    Targets (Haller) Targets (Munitions)
    Targets (PDFPad) Targets (ProTargets)
    Targets (Remington) Targets (Targetz)
    Targets (US Palma) Targets (Varmint Al)
    Tips on Being a Good Competitor
    Top 100 Gun Sites Training Courses
    Travel Smart With Firearms TSA Fact Sheet: Transporting Firearms & Ammo Aboard Commercial Air Carriers
    Use Your Sling! Using the Model 1907 Sling Part 1
    Using the Model 1907 Sling Part 2 Where to Shoot
    Wonderful AR-15 Yahoo Gun Archive
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    Browning Arms Bulk Ammo
    Bullseye Riflescopes Cabela's
    Centerfire Systems Century Arms Imports
    Civilian Marksmanship Program Clark Custom Guns
    Coal Creek Armory Competition Shooting Sports
    Concealed Carry Clothiers Creedmor Sports
    Crossbreed Holsters Crossroads of the West Gun Shows
    Davide Pedersoli & Company Deep Concealment Face Off: SmartCarry vs. Thunderwear
    Dick's Sporting Goods Dixie Gun Works
    DoubleTap Ammo Euroarms of America
    Faith Associates FFL & Gunsmith Finder
    FMBGINC Frankford Arsenal Reloading Equipment
    Front Sight Pro Shop Galco Holsters
    Gallery of Guns Gander Mountain
    Garrity's Gunleather Gerber-Tools
    GunBroker Online Gun Auction Gunnies
    GunParts, Inc Guns & Ammo Directory of the Firearms Trade
    Guns & Ammo Magazine Guns America
    GunShopFinder Guns-n-Stuff
    Gun Tote'n Mamas Handbags Gun Trust Lawyer
    HandiBag Gun Concealment Heckler & Koch USA
    Henry Repeating Arms Co Herter's
    High Performance International Target Rifles Hoppes Gun Care Products
    IAR Replica Firearms Impact Guns, Ogden UT
    Island Tactical Israel Arms
    J&L Self Defense Products J&M Hunting Supplies
    Kahr Arms Pocket Pistol Kimber Firearms
    Krause Firearms Books & Magazines KY Imports
    Lock, Stock & Barrel LRB Arms
    Magills Self-defense and Concealment Products Marlin Firearms
    Midsouth Shooters Supply Midway USA
    Mossberg Mountain View Sports Center (Anchorage Alaska)
    MTM Case-Guard Shooting Range Box MTM Case-Guard Shooting Range Box (Evaluation)
    Natchez Shooters Supply Nate Squared Tactical Holsters
    Navy Arms Muzzleloading Supply New England Firearms Handi-Rifle
    North American Arms Numrich Gun Parts
    Ol' Buffalo Blackpowder Page One Click Shooting
    Pager Pal Holsters Pedersoli
    Pistol Gear Plainsights: Hidden Holster
    Ponderosa Gun Parts Poppert's Gun Parts
    Pro-2nd Amendment Shop Quickdraw Magnets
    Raven Concealment Systems Real Guns
    Reloading Venders & Manufacturers Remington Arms
    Rohrbaugh Pocket Pistol Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply
    Ruger Firearms Sharps Arms
    SIG Arms Sky Industries Pocket Pistol
    Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson Military Discount
    Specialty Ammunition Springfield Armory
    Springfield Armory Sportsman's Guide
    Strategic Tactical Shooting Supplies Sturm, Ruger & Co
    Taurus International Firearms Tetra Gun Care
    Thompson/Center Arms Thunder Ridge Muzzleloading
    Traditions Firearms US Fire Arms Manufacturing
    V-Line In-Wall Gun Vaults VTI Replica Gun Parts
    Walther Firearms Walther Military Discount
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    Aeroballistics Ballistics Calculator
    Ballistics Calculator Ballistics Calculator
    Ballistics, External Ballistics, Internal
    Ballistics, Terminal Ballistics Software
    Ballistics Table: Centerfire Handgun Ballistics Table: Centerfire Rifle
    Ballistics for Dummies  
    Bullet Stability Calculator Bullet Twist Rates
    Complete Reloader's Guide Software DMOZ Links to Reloading Software
    Energy, Momentum and Taylor KO calculator Exterior Ballistics Explained
    Handloading Cost Calculator Horizontal Wind Drift vs Distance
    Hornady Ballistics Calculator Hornady Ballistics Charts
    JBM Ballistic Calculator Load From A Disk Software
    Ol' Buffalo Formulae Point Blank reloading and Ballistics Software
    Recoil Calculator Recoil and Velocity Calculator
    Recoil Observations Reduced Load calculator
    Rifling & Bullet Spin Rifling Twist Calculator
    Rob's Reloading Organizer Software Sight Adjustment Using Trigonometry
    Taylor Index - A Measure of Stopping Power Taylor KO calculator
    The Mathematical Shooter Twist Rate Calculator
    Twist Rate Calculator  
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    Archery History  
    Archery Talk Arrow Selection Chart: Beman
    Arrow Selection Chart: Easton Arrow Selection Chart: Easton
    Arrow Selection Chart: Youth Arrow Sizing Guide from Bass Pro Shops
    Arrow Sizing Guide from Easton Arrow Specifications: Easton
    Archery World Ats Queo Archery Club
    Ats Queo Archery Club Shoot Schedule Bear Archery
    Beeswax Rendering Bingham Archery Supply
    Bob Foulkrod Archery Books on Archery and Bow Hunting
    Bowhunting Net Center Bowhunting Tips from Sportsman's Guide
    Bow Masters Magazine Bow Rack
    BowSite Browning
    Cabela's Carolina Archery Products
    Cir-Cut Archery products Dead-On Rangefinder
    Easton Archery Eders Archery Supply
    F/S Discount Archery Gander Mountain
    Genesis Youth Bow Gerber-Tools
    International Bowhunting Organization National Archery Assn
    National Bowhunter Education Foundation National Field Archery Association
    Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America Primitive Archery Magazine
    Range Checklist Sage Creek Outfitters
    Sportsman's Guide Sportsman's Guide Arrow Shaft Selection Guide
    Sportsman's Guide Bow Tuning Guide Sports Select Outdoors
    Timberline Archery Products Traditional Bowhunter Magazine
    Tuning Broadheads Utah Bowmen's Association
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    Wind flags

    Range finder

    Targets / clay pigeons

    Paper plate targets

    Target stand / clay target thrower

    Cardboard backer

    Staple gun


    Shooting table

    Shooting stool / chair

    Spotting scope / tripod

    Sandbags / shooting rest

    Kneeling roll

    Elbow pads

    Shooting pad

    Shooting jacket

    Shooting gloves

    Shooting stool

    Loading block

    Chamber flag

    Dummy ammo

    Cleaning kit

    First aid kit

    Tool / repair kit

     - Screwdriver set

     - ThreadLock

    Hearing protection

    Safety glasses

    Sun protection



    Insect Repellent



    Pencils / pens


    Brass bag or bucket for collecting brass

    Cabin Tree Range Boxes


    Firearm storage case


    Priming powder / caps



    Patch / ball lube

    Wind flags



    Paper plate targets

    Target stand

    Cardboard backer

    Target pasters / tape

    Staple gun


    Shooting table

    Shooting stool / chair

    Spotting scope / tripod

    Sandbags / shooting rest

    Kneeling roll

    Elbow pads

    Shooting pad

    Shooting jacket

    Shooting gloves

    Shooting stool

    Loading block

    Cleaning kit

    First aid kit

    Tool / repair kit

     - Screwdriver set

     - ThreadLock

    Hearing protection

    Safety glasses

    Sun protection



    Insect Repellent



    Pencils / pens


    Cabin Tree Range Boxes


    Bow storage case


    Finger / tab / glove / release

    Arm guard

    Chest protector

    Wind flags



    Paper plate targets

    Target stand

    Cardboard backer

    Staple gun


    First aid kit

    Tool / repair kit

     - Allen wrench set

     - Multi-purpose tool

     - Bow square

     - Nocking pliers

     - Nock rings sets

     - Nocks

     - Arrow points

     - Hot-melt glue

     - Candle, matches

     - Sharpening stone set

     - Spare string

     - Butcher paper for tuning

     - Bow press (compound bows)

     - Bow stringer (traditional bows)

     - Oil

     - String serving thread

     - String wax

    Safety glasses

    Sun protection



    Insect Repellent



    Pencils / pens



    Also see Jim Owens' Camp Perry Packing List and Bill Poole's National Match Course Equipment List MTM Case-Guard Shooting Range Box

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