Rulers of France, 418-1871

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Merovingian Dynasty


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
418-428 King Pharamond   428    
428-447 King Clodio (Clodion)   447    
447-458 King Merovech (Meerwig, Merovee)   458    
458-481 King Childeric I 435 482 Son of Merovech  
482-511 King Clovis I (Choldwig) 467 511 Son of Childeric I Clothilde
511-588 King Childebert I 498 558 Son of Clovis  
558-562 King Clotharie I 500 562 Son of Clovis Radegond
562-566 King Charibert 522 566 Son of Clothaire I  
562-575 King Siegbert 535 575 Son of Clothaire I Brynhild
566-584 King Chilperic I 539 584 Son of Clotharie I Fredegond
584-628 King Clothaire II 584 628 Son of Chilperic I  
628-637 King Dagobert I  602 637 Son of Clotharie II Nanthilde
637-655 King Clovis II 626 655 Son of Dagobert I Bathilde
655-668 King Clothaire III 650 668 Son of Clovis II  
668-674 King Childeric II 650 674 Son of Clovis II  
674-678  King Dagobert II        
674-691 King Thierry III 658 691 Son of Clovis II  
691-695 King Clovis III 680 695 Son of Thierry III  
695-711 King Childebert II 684 711 Son of Thierry III  
711-716 King Dagobert III 700 716 Son of Childebert II  
716-721 King Chilperic II 670 721 Son of Childeric II  
721-737 King Thierry IV 715 737 Son of Dagobert III  
737-742   Interregnum        
743-751 King Childeric III 731 754 Son of Chilperic II  

Carolingian Dynasty


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
628-639 Mayor of Palace Pepin I, the Elder   640    
687-714 Mayor of Palace Pepin II ( L'Heuristal)    714 Son of Pepin I, the Elder  
714-741 Mayor of Palace Charles Martel (Carl of the Hammer) 689 741 Son of Pepin II  
741-747 Mayor of Palace Carloman   754 Son of Charles Martel  
747-751 Mayor of Palace Pepin III, the Short 714 768 Son of Charles Martel  
751-768 King Pepin III, the Short 714 768 Son of Charles Martel Berthe
768-771 King Carloman 751 771 Son of Pepin III Hildegarde
768-814 Joint Ruler Charlemagne 742 814 Son of Pepin III  
814-840 Joint Ruler Louis I, the Pious 778 840 Son of Charlemagne Ermengarde
840-843 Joint Ruler Lothair     Son of Louis I  
840-843 Joint Ruler Louis     Son of Louis I  
840-843 Joint Ruler Charles the Bald     Son of Louis I  
843-877 King Charles I, the Bald 823 877 Son of Louis I  
877-879 King Louis II 846 879 Son of Charles I Adelaide
879-882 King Louis III 863 882 Son of Louis II  
882-884 Coregent Carloman   884 Brother of Louis III  
884-887 King Charles II, the Fat (Charles III) 839 888 Son of Louis II  
888-898 King Eudes, Count of Paris 858 898   Theodorade
898-922 King Charles III, the Simple 879 929 Son of Louis II Ogine
922-923 Rival King Robert 865 923 Brother of Eudes  
923-936 Rival King Rudolf, Duke of Burgundy   937 Son-in-law of Robert Emme
936-954 Rival King Louis IV, d'Outremer 918 954 Son of Charles the Simple Gerberge
954-986 Rival King Lothair 941 986 Son of Louis IV Emme
986-987 Rival King Louis V, the Indolent 967 987 Son of Lothair Blanche of Aquitane

Capetian Dynasty


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
987-996 King Hugh Capet 946 996   Adelaide of Guienne
996-1031 King Robert II, the Pious 971 1031 Son of Hugh Capet Constance of Provence
1031-1060 King Henry I 1004 1060 Son of Robert II Ann of Russia
1060-1108 King Philip I, the Amorons 1052 1108 Son of Henry I Berthe of Holland
1108-1137 King Louis VI, the Fat (Louis the Wide Awake) 1081 1137 Son of Philip I Adelaide of Savoy
1137-1180 King Louis VII, the Young 1120 1180 Son of Louis VI Alice of Champagne
1180-1223 King Philip II Augustus 1165 1223 Son of Louis VII Isabelle of Hainaut,

Ingebruge of Denmark

1223-1226 King Louis VIII, the Lion 1187 1226 Son of Philip II Blanche of Castile
1226-1270 King Louis IX (Saint Louis) 1214 1270 Son of Louis VIII Marguerite of Provence
1270-1285 King Philip III, the Bold 1245 1285 Son of Louis IX Isabelle of Aragon
1285-1314 King Philip IV, the Fair 1268 1314 Son of Philip III Jeanne of Navarre
1314-1316 King Louis X, the Quarrelsome 1289 1316 Son of Philip IV Jean I
1316-1316 King John I 1316 1316 Posthumous son of Louis X  
1316-1322 King Philip V, the Tall 1294 1322 Son of Philip IV Jean, Duchess of Bourgogne
1322-1328 King Charles IV, the Fair 1294 1328 Son of Philip IV Isabelle (reine d'angleterre)

Valois Dynasty


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1328-1350 King Philip VI, the Fortunate 1293 1350 Nephew of Philip IV Jeanne of Bourgogne,

Blanche of Evreux

1350-1364 King John II, the Good 1319 1364 Son of Philip VI Bonne of Luxemburg
1364-1380 King Charles V, the Wise 1337 1380 Son of John II Bonne of Luxemburg
1380-1422 King Charles VI, the Well Beloved 1368 1422 Son of Charles V Isabelle of Bavaria
1422-1461 King Charles VII, the Victorious 1403 1461 Son of Charles VI Marie of Anjou
1461-1483 King Louis XI 1423 1483 Son of Charles VII Charlotte of Savoy
1483-1498 King Charles VIII, the Affable 1470 1498 Son of Louis XI Anne of Brittany
1498-1515 King Louis XII 1462 1515 Brother-in-law of Charles VIII Jeanne
1515-1547 King Francis I 1494 1547 Second son of Louis XII Claude of France
1547-1559 King Henry II 1519 1559 Son of Francis I Catherine de'Medici
1559-1560 King Francis II 1544 1560 Son of Henry II  
1560-1563 Regent  Catherine de'Medici 1519 1589   Henry II
1563-1574 King Charles IX 1550 1574 Son of Henry II  
1574-1589 King Henry III 1551 1589 Son of Henry II Louise of Lorraine

Bourbon Dynasty


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1589-1610 King Henry IV, the Great 1553 1610 Distant cousin of Henry II Marguerite of Valois,

Marie de'Medici

1610-1617 Regent Marie de'Medici 1573 1642   Henry IV
1610-1643 King Louis XIII, the Well-Beloved 1601 1643 Son of Henry IV Anne of Austria
1643-1651 Regent Anne of Austria 1601 1666   Louis XIII
1643-1715 King Louis XIV, the Great 1638 1715 Son of Louis XIII Marie-Therese of Spain
1715-1723 Regent Philip of Orleans 1674 1723 Nephew of Louis XIV Henriette d'Angleterre
1715-1774 King Louis XV, the Well-Beloved 1710 1774 Great-grandson of Louis XIV Marie Leczinska
1774-1792 King Louis XVI 1754 1793 Grandson of Louis XV Marie-Antoinette of Austria
1793-1795 King Louis XVII 1785 1795 Son of Louis XVI  

First Republic


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1799-1804 First Cousul Napoleon Bonaparte 1769 1821   Josephine de

Marie Louise of

First Empire


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1804-1814 Emperor Napoleon I        
1814 Emperor Napoleon II 1811 1832    

Bourbon Dynasty


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1814-1824 King Louis XVIII 1755 1824 Brother of Louis XVI Louise Marie

Josephine of

1824-1830 King Charles X 1757 1836 Brother of Louis XVIII  Marie-Therese of Savoy
1830-1848 King Louis-Philippe I (the Citizen King) 1773 1850   Marie Amelie of Naples

Second Republic


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1848-1852 President Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte 1808 1873 Nephew of Napoleon I  

Second Empire


Title Name of Ruler Birth Death Relationship Consort
1852-1871 Emperor Napoleon III (Charles Eugenie de 
Louis Napoleon Montijo)

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