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Constitution Questionnaire

The following is short letter and test on the Constitution of the United States. Please copy this questionnaire into a word processor, edit it to match your identity and send it to your elected officials or those running for office. It should be presented to all candidates for political office, regardless of political party. It is also for all current legislators, the President and all members of the Judiciary.


Dear Sir/Madam:

I very much believe in the Constitution of the United Sates and believe the Constitution is the only thing that makes America different from the other Nations of the World. I would appreciate it very much if you would fill out the enclosed questionnaire and return it to me.


Your Name
Phone number


Since you are running for elected office or have been elected or appointed, I ask that you complete and return this questionnaire. This will define for my fellow voters and citizens in my town, county, and state your opinions and beliefs on the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. I will share this with my friends and family, if you decide to fill it out and sign it.

Have you ever read the US Constitution and your state's Constitution from beginning to the end? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe that the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that no other law (including sharia) should conflict with the Constitution? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe Americans are obligated to obey unconstitutional laws or that law enforcement agencies should enforce unconstitutional laws or that judges and juries should convict persons for violating an unconstitutional law? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe that the US Constitution does not grant individual liberties of any kind but instead, guarantees them as pre-existing and God-given and do you understand the difference? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe that the US Constitution was established by the people -- not the government, that it describes and limits the structure and power of the federal government, and delegates to it limited authority from the people? Yes ___
No ___
Recently, some US Supreme Court justices have stated that they intend to base their decisions on international law. Do you agree with them that Americans should be governed by international law when it conflicts with the US Constitution? Yes ___
No ___
When making their rulings, do you believe judges should give more weight to case law and precedents than to the wording and intent of the Constitution? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe a legislator or president/governor should read and understand all legislation prior to voting or signing? Yes ___
No ___
Will you work to stop congressional misuse of the Constitution's Commerce Clause to encroach on states' rights and individual freedoms? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe the federal government has the constitutional authority to establish, mandate, or fund a national personal ID system, health-care system, health insurance system, retirement system, welfare system, or religion (ie atheism)? Yes ___
No ___
Will you work to stop spending tax money on programs for which there is no Constitutional authority or mandate? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to remove all unconstitutional laws, departments,  and agencies (ie the Department of Education, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, etc.)? Yes ___
No ___
Will you work to eliminate or consolidate the more than 50 federal law-enforcement agencies have been created since 1900 -- especially those for which there is no constitutional mandate or authority? Yes ___
No ___
Will you work to control federal spending by eliminating "earmarks" and "pork-barrel" spending? Yes ___
No ___
To control wasteful spending, do you believe the president/governor should have line-item veto authority? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to protect the several States from the invasion of illegal aliens as required by Article 1V, Section 1V of the US Constitution? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe current immigration laws should be enforced, the borders protected, and employers of illegals jailed? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe the nation should give any form of amnesty to illegal immigrants? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe we need "guest workers" while millions of Americans are receiving some form of government (taxpayer) assistance because they are under-employed, un-employed, or simply idlers? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe that the intent and language of the 14th Amendment was about giving citizenship to freed slaves in 1868 -- not children of illegal immigrants and invaders in the 21st century and will you vote to terminate this practice immediately? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to establish English as the nation's official language? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe all government functions and forms (including ballots) should be in English (with accommodations for certain people who speak only an indigenous American language such as Hawaiian, Navajo, or Yupik)? Yes ___
No ___
Will you maintain a website in Spanish even though all new citizens and voters presumably speak English? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to defend America’s borders and seaports, even if US troops are required to be brought home from oversea bases? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to protect freedom of religion from those who distort, misuse, and expand Jefferson's "wall of separation between church and state" which is not a part of the US Constitution? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to repeal or amend the McCain-Feingold Incumbent Protection Act to comply with the First Amendment? Yes ___
No ___
Do you acknowledge that the militia mentioned in the US Constitution consists of the able-bodied people of the nation (US Code, Title 10, Subtitle A, Part I, Chapter 13) and that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to arms and is not about the sporting use of firearms, but personal protection and protection against tyranny? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to repeal or amend all federal laws and regulations to comply with the Second Amendment? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe the tax structure should be designed to punish success, personal self-reliance, and good financial judgment? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe the tax structure should be designed to reward idleness, dependence on others, and poor financial judgment? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to preserve the sanctity of traditional marriage and family and for tax incentives to enable one parent to stay home to raise the children? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to prohibit abortion as a means of birth control, partial-birth abortion, and against federal funding of abortion? Yes ___
No ___
Will you allow juveniles to have abortions without parental notification and permission? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote against "hate crime" and other thought-control legislation such as ENDA? Yes ___
No ___
Since the Constitution does not give Congress nor the President the right to give away Americans' money or assets, will you vote to repeal all foreign aid, including military aid? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to repeal all trade agreements that put Americans at a disadvantage, destroy the United States Constitution, or eliminate America’s borders (ie WTO, GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, etc.)? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to withhold funds from the UN so long as that organization is full of corruption and for the US to withdraw from the UN if it is not cleaned up within 5 years? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to reject all UN resolutions, agreements, etc. and all treaties negotiated by the President that violate the US Constitution and US sovereignty? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to repeal all laws and regulations that pay manufacturers and corporations to move or outsource their jobs to other countries? Yes ___
No ___
Will you vote to protect our children from indoctrination and our industrial base from destruction by terrorists (ie Al Gore) working under the banner of environmentalism? Yes ___
No ___
Do you understand and accept that your oath of office is an oath to, and a contract with, the American people and that it binds you to the US Constitution (And State Constitution for state office) and that your Oath will be to preserve, protect and defend it? Yes ___
No ___
Do you intend to uphold your oath of office? Yes ___
No ___
Do you believe that an elected legislator, president/governor, or judge should be removed from office if they willingly violate their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? Yes ___
No ___

Please return this questionnaire and all attachments to the address below. You may want to keep copies for yourself. You may have more than one request to answer this questionnaire.

Any Citizen, Any Organization, Any Political Party.
Phone number

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