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Number of Your Ancestors

(Parents of parents, etc. No aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, or brothers)
Average generation - 25 years
Starting age - 50 in 2000

Assumes ancestral lines don't merge (ie no duplication of ancestors)

Birth Year Number of Your Ancestors Percentage With Same Surname Number of Boxes On Charts
Your Generation 1950 0 100.00% 1
1 generation back: parents 1925 2 50.000% 3
2 generations back: grandparents 1900 4 25.000% 7
3 generations back: great-grandparents 1875 8 12.500% 15
4 generations back: gg-grandparents 1850 16 6.2500% 31
5 generations back: 3g-grandparents 1825 32 3.1250% 63
6 generations back: 4g-grandparents 1800 64 1.5625% 127
7 generations back: 5g-grandparents 1775 128 0.7813% 255
8 generations back: 6g-grandparents 1750 256 0.3906% 511
9 generations back: 7g-grandparents 1725 512 0.1953% 1,023
10 generations back: 8g-grandparents 1700 1024 0.0977% 2,047
11 generations back: 9g-grandparents 1675 2048 0.0488% 4,095
12 generations back: 10g-grandparents 1650 4096 0.0244% 8,191
13 generations back: 11g-grandparents 1625 8192 0.0122% 16,383
14 generations back: 12g-grandparents 1600 16384 0.0061% 32,767
15 generations back: 13g-grandparents 1575 32,766 0.0031% 65,535
16 generations back: 14g-grandparents 1550 65,534 0.0015% 131,071
17 generations back: 15g-grandparents 1525 131,070 0.0008% 262,143
18 generations back: 16g-grandparents 1500 262,142 0.0004% 524,287
19 generations back: 17g-grandparents 1475 524,286 0.0002% 1,048,575
20 generations back: 18g-grandparents 1450 1,048,574 0.0001% 2,097,151
21 generations back: 19g-grandparents 1425 2,097,150 4,194,303
22 generations back: 20g-grandparents 1400 4,194,302 8,388,607
23 generations back: 21g-grandparents 1375 8,388,606 16,777,215
24 generations back: 22g-grandparents 1350 16,777,214 33,554,431
25 generations back: 23g-grandparents 1325 33,554,430 67,108,863
26 generations back: 24g-grandparents 1300 67,108,862 134,217,727
27 generations back: 25g-grandparents 1275 134,217,726 268,435,455
28 generations back: 26g-grandparents 1250 268,435,454 536,870,911
29 generations back: 27g-grandparents 1225 536,870,910 1,073,741,823
30 generations back: 28g-grandparents 1200 1,073,741,822 2,147,483,647
31 generations back: 29g-grandparents 1175 2,147,483,646 4,294,967,295
32 generations back: 30g-grandparents 1150 4,294,967,294 8,589,934,591
33 generations back: 31g-grandparents 1125 8,589,934,590 17,179,869,183
34 generations back: 32g-grandparents 1100 17,179,869,182 34,359,738,367
35 generations back: 33g-grandparents 1075 34,359,738,366 68,719,476,735
36 generations back: 34g-grandparents 1050 68,719,476,734 137,438,953,471
37 generations back: 35g-grandparents 1025 137,438,953,470 274,877,906,943
38 generations back: 36g-grandparents 1000 274,877,906,942 549,755,813,887
39 generations back: 37g-grandparents 975 549,755,813,886 1,099,511,627,775

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