Pedigree Chart

8 Thomas COX3,28,110
b: about 1625 in London, England
m: 1664 in of England
d: 15 January 1711 in London, England
4 John COX3,12,28,110,344,572,573,574,575
b: between 1655 and 1658 in of New Castle, New Castle, Delaware
m: about 1689 in New Castle County, Delaware
d: 1711 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania
9 Ann or Anne HEND OR HIND3,28,110
b: about 1642 in of London, England
2 John COX Jr.3,12,28,110,344,576,577,578,579,580,581
b: about 1685 in New Castle, New Castle, Delaware
m: about 1709 in of Warrington, York, Pennsylvania
d: 1711
10 Thomas EMBRE
b: about 1748 in of Pennsylvania
m: 20 December 1781 in New Market, Frederick, Virginia
d: August 1833 in Ross, Greene, Ohio
5 Rachel Embree CARR3,12,28,110
b: about 1657 in of New Castle, New Castle, Delaware
d: after 1736 in Pennsylvania
11 Ester COULSON
b: 23 August 1752 in West Nottingham, Cecil, Maryland
d: 11 August 1830 in Ross Twp, Green, Ohio
Previous generation 
1 Solomon COX Sr.3,4,12,28,110
b: 1740 in prob Pennsylvania
m: 1766 in Cane Creek, Orange, North Carolina
d: 1844 in Indiana, United States
12 George HARLAN OR HARLAND3,110
b: 11 March 1649 in Durham, Durhamshire, England
m: 17 September 1678 in Cermony of Friends, Shankill, Armagh, Ireland
d: 5 July 1714 in Brandywine Creek, Kennett Twp, Chester, Pennsylvania
6 Moses HARLAN3,12,28,110
b: 20 December 1683 in Donnahlong, Down, Ulster, Ireland
m: 1712
d: 29 March 1749 in Menallen Twp, Adams, Pennsylvania
13 Elizabeth DUCK3,110
b: 5 May 1660 in Durgan, Shankill, Armagh, Ireland
d: between 1711 and 1714 in Pennsbury Twp, Chester, Pennsylvania
3 Mary HARLAN3,12,28,110
b: about 1692 in of Buck County, Pennsylvania
d: 28 June 1753 in Adams County, Pennsylvania
7 Margaret RAY3,12,28,110
b: 1683 in Donnahlong, Down, Ulster, Ireland
d: after 1749 in Adams County, Pennsylvania