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Zadock Knapp Judd (1827-1909)

Mormon Pioneer, Mormon Battalion Soldier, and Mexican War Veteran

Zadok Knapp Judd (1827-1909)

Mary Minerva Dart
Zadock Knapp Judd Zadock's wife, Mary Minerva Dart
Zadock Judd served as a private in Company E of the "Mormon Battalion". This battalion was was enlisted as a part of the Iowa State Militia to march to Mexico to fight in the Mexican War in July 1846. This march is the longest infantry march in the history of the US Army. The battalion arrived in Mexico too late to enter combat. They were assigned to continue their march to California where the soldiers participated in establishing and improving settlements. Most battalion members, Including Zadock were discharged in July 1847. Some battalion members, including Zadock, took civilian employment in California before traveling to Utah. Zadock was among those working at Sutter's Mill, California and participated in the discovery of gold there. In December 1848, Zadock rejoined his family which had settled in Utah while he was in the service. He went on to help found new communities in southern Utah.

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