Dear Friends and Alumni of the Chilean Mission,


As you may be aware, Saturday, September 18, 2010 is the Bicentennial of Chile's Independence from Spain in 1810.  This is a major historical event for the country.  Preparations for the event began several years ago and celebrations are under way and will continue into the near future.   Everyone is Chile is coming together to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event.  


Below are some interesting websites you may want to visit.  You can also find lots more information by typing "Chile Bicentennial" into your favorite search engine.  


This website is in English.  The video on the homepage is very good.  The links under "More Information" on the right hand side of the homepage are also interesting.


This link has a brief history of the Chilean Flag:


This link has a brief history of the Chilean National Seal, the Escudo:


This link has a brief history of Chile's National folk dance, the Cueca:


Here are the words to the Chilean National Anthem:


This link has three downloads that you can listen to or watch.  The second entry, "Himno Nacional en Video" is pretty good.  The third entry is contains a song written especially for the Bicentennial.


This is a general interest link, in English:


This link has some good sub-links in the body of the page and on the left side of the page:


This is the Church's official website for Chile.  There are some interesting articles and links:


This site has a list of locations and events throughout the world where celebrations are taking place:


This is the country's official website for Bicentennial activities:  


This is the Chilean Association of Utah's website. We attached a flyer announcing an event on September 18, 2010 in Salt Lake City, UT.


We have also attached two articles written by Rodolfo Acevedo, Church Historian for Chile.  The articles are in Spanish.


Enjoy your 18 de septiembre!  Some of this information will be available soon at the Chilean Mission website:




Chilean Mission Reunion Committee