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Have you ever felt that your children are out of control? Do you feel out of control and don’t know what to do? Sometimes it is so hard to get children to be decent to other family members, do their homework, and/or help around the house. In some cases your youths may have taken over and do as they please. My free article, Taking Control of Your Family, will explain what you can do if you are a couple, but the same principles apply if you are single with children. If you follow the instructions in this article and do them consistently, you will have control of your family and you will know what to do when they break the rules. Click the button below to claim your free copy of Taking Control of Your Family.

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How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask

If you liked the article Taking Control of Your Family mentioned in the left column, you will also like my eBook:

How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask
How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask

This eBook is an informative parenting tool every parent should have to make the job of parenting easier and more effective. This helpful tool is only $17.97. To order click on the book cover above.

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This eBook expands upon the free article: Taking Control of Your Family. It explains how to make a positive change in the marital relationship to effect a strong parental front. It explains what can happen when you let little slights creep into your marriage. Being aware of these things helps you to stop them before they take a hold and destroy your marriage and the spouse you love. It also includes martial skills like active listening so you hear and understand the true meaning behind what is being said by your spouse. Most fights are because of misunderstanding.

The Proper Choice of Consequences

Choosing the appropriate consequences is discussed. Consequences are chosen because they are punitive to the child and will motivate him/her to better behavior. Wouldn’t be wonderful to be able to know what consequences will work for each age and each child? With the information presented in this eBook, there is no more guessing.

Have you ever wondered if you should use food as a reinforcer for good behavior? The reasons for and against using food as a reinforcer is discussed.

How to Use Different Parenting Techniques

Various techniques such as Time-Out are discussed in detail. For example:

  • How Time-Out works and why.

  • How long in Time-Out is too long?

  • What should happen after being in Time-Out to make it a learning situation that will change the unwanted behavior?

  • How to use redirection.

  • Token Economy – How to use it and how it can modify bad behavior.

  • How to use No-Notice Incentive Activities to change behavior.

  • How can the loss of regular activities work to change behavior?

  • Is being consistent in your parenting important in causing change in your children’s behavior?

  • Can withholding privileges or possessions change behavior?

  • Why does my child’s behavior get worse when I try these techniques?

  • Will my child’s behavior ever get better if I am consistent in my parenting, even when my child is acting out?

All of these questions are discussed, along with the answers and the reasons for those answers. You will know why you need to take a certain action with your child. With type of information you will feel more at ease in your parenting. This will enable you to be more confident and know what needs to be done as each issue arises.

Having a confident parenting style is not only important for your well-being, but also for your children; as you are modeling proper parenting for them. You are providing good boundaries for them to exist within that will keep them safe and help them learn the skills needed to deal with life during the time they are with you and to be able to set proper boundaries as adults for themselves and their children. In essence, you are parenting generations beyond yourself. You owe it to yourself and them to get the best parenting skills available.

Consequences that bring about Change

This eBook contains parenting tips that will help you to know the best ways to change bad behaviors. Some of these are:

  • How to reinforcing good behavior when it occurs

  • How to shaping good behavior

  • How to use double reinforcement

  • Spending quality time with your child

  • Knowing each of your children, personally to be able to choose the best consequences for change their behavior

  • How to use dinnertime talk to know what your children are doing and what is important to them.

Losing Control

  • There is a discussion on why yelling doesn’t work to gain control of your children.

  • What you can do instead of yelling.

How Child's Self Esteem is Developed

  • The issue of how to destroy a child’s self esteem is address.

  • How to build self-esteem is also discussed.

Good Sibling Relationships

Other issues that cause problems in a family are lying and fighting and/or violence between siblings and you. This eBook suggests a way to stop the lying. Violence should never be tolerated. What to do about violence in your home is also addressed.

Helping the Children Know Their Resources

When children have a problem, no matter the age, it is important that they know their own personal resources and skills they can rely on. How to teach life skills is discussed along with other resources your children can use. These skills will be needed not only in daily life but also in a crisis or when they have tough decisions they must make.

As your children’s coach, it is important that you help them firmly establish their resources, role-play situations that may or are currently giving them problems. These role-plays can have alternate good endings so that they can have an arsenal of varied situations to choose from in decided which scenario will fit the situation at the time. This eBook tells you how to do this. It is firmly believed that youths commit suicide because they run out of their skills set and are unable to deal with the situations they find themselves in. Finding these situations unmanageable and not knowing alternative resources to use other then themselves, the pressure becomes unbearable and .they commit suicide.

How to Carryout Consequences

How to administer consequences for bad behavior, without anger and yelling takes finesse. This eBook tells you how to accomplish this without blowing your top or allowing your youths to push your buttons which allows them to control the situation.

How to Make Good Decisions

Parents do not have all the answers. However, there is another source that does. This eBook tells you where and how to get answers when you need to know the truth.

Other aspects of this eBook will help you with:

  • How to set up a daily routine and why it helps.

  • Activities to keep children from being bored and out of trouble.

  • How to making a Job's List Book to facilitate getting your youths to do their part in the family.

  • Other ways to gain control of your family.

  • Methods of teaching life skills your children that they need. How to moderating feelings.

  • Sources of anger and factors that lower your ability to cope with anger

  • What is respect and how it applies in the lives of your family.

  • What should be the basic rules of your family?

  • It is discussed in a family contract with older youths.

  • Should each child be treated the same?

  • How to deal with individual differences between children is discussed.

  • How to teach your youth to deal with their peers (peer smarts)

  • Encouraging your youth to discuss relational problems with you so you can help them make correct choices and/or help them to understand their resources to find correct answers to their problems.

Other Articles Included in the Appendix

These articles are included to help you in your parenting.

  • A Parent's Guide for Raising Children

  • Allowing Rewards and Consequences for Children's Behaviors

  • Family Council

  • Understanding Adolescents and Teenagers

  • The Importance of Good Friends in Your Teen's Life

  • How to Acquire Good Friends

  • Making and use a Family Job's List Binder

  • Family Night Phantom

  • Family Home Evening

  • Family Home Evening Planner

  • Lesson Ideas

    • Appreciating Music

    • Compile Family History

    • Forgiving Others

    • Gratitude

    • Honesty

    • Managing Family Resources

    • Reverence and Respect

    • Sharing Household Work

    • Solving Family Problems

    • Understanding Death

    • Family Unity Activities

    • Our Cultural Heritage

    • A Great Way to Communicate

    • Serving Others Together

    • Buzz Sessions

    • Brainstorming

    • Role Playing

    • Demonstrations

    • Reunions by Mail

    • Bottom of Form

    • Large Group Fun

  • Learning Activities

    • Making Work Fun

    • Learning Fun for Infants and Toddlers

    • Learning Fun for Preschoolers

    • Travel Games

    • Memory Magic

    • Strip Puzzles

    • Mind Stretchers

    • Magic Tricks

    • Riddles

    • Making and Keeping Aids for Family Home Evenings

    • Creating Fancy Foods

    • Fun with Games

  • Cultural Activities

    • Singing Praises: Learning Our Hymns and Children’s Songs

    • Appreciating Music

    • Arranging Flowers

    • Top of Form

    • Arts and Crafts

    • Christmas Crafts

    • Fun with Stories and Poems

    • Creating Pictures and Things

    • Enjoying Dance and Drama

    • Top of Form

    • Bottom of Form

    • Nature Activities

    • Activities in the Rain

    • Gardening in Containers

    • Bird Watching

    • Close to Home

    • Rock Hounding

    • Making Snow Sculptures

    • Collecting and Preserving Shells

  • Physical Activities

    • Carpet Square Challenge

    • Number and Alphabet Grid Challenge

    • Marked Yard Games

    • Physical Fitness Award Program

    • Rhythmical Exercise Program

    • Family Physical Activity Center

    • Family Superstars

    • Let’s Go Fly a Kite Family

  • Preparedness Activities

    • Emergency Supplies

    • Emergency Telephone Numbers

    • Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation

    • Treating Choking

    • Treating Shock

    • Treating Bleeding

    • Protecting Your Home against Fire

    • Coping with a Blackout

    • Making Your Home a Tough Target for Thieves

    • Earthquake Preparation

    • Making a Survival Kit

    • Water Safety Skills

You can get your copy of this informative eBook for only $17.97. Click on the book cover to order.

How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask
How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask

Testimonial: I think this book is a great resource. You have a lot of practical information that is easy to implement. I was an easy read and I was able to incorporate the advice while I was reading it. It was easy to skip around to get to the information I needed the most. Thank you for writing and compiling such a wonderful parenting book. Jenny M. - Utah


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