A Dangerous and Erroneous Addictive Premise


Dear Dr. Nay,

Please take down the part in your article about how someone can go from reading a Playboy magazine to becoming a murderer/serial killer because that is completely erroneous and excuses really bad behavior such as murder by explaining it away as "addiction". Ted Bundy used this argument as his primary defense during his trial, which you may already know. He tried to get away with raping and murdering many women because he claimed he had an "addiction to pornography".

I'm an addict and I don't agree with the premise that addiction can explain actions such as armed robbery, scaring people in general, rape, murder and other violent acts. I get really offended when people act like drug addiction or any other type of addiction is a perfectly acceptable explanation for hurting people, because it's not.

That is faulty logic, black-and-white thinking, and it supposes that just because someone has an addiction, then they must not be able to tell the difference between masturbating to pornography and raping and murdering an actual person. There is so much faulty logic happening in this line of thinking that it borders on psychosis. I can't even begin building the logical proofs against this line of thinking, because the premises are so deranged, that it horrifies me to even think of them lest they contaminate my thought processes.

I just had to share with you my honest opinion, as a decade-long opiate addict who has never committed a violence crime, or any other offense for that matter, aside from petty theft.

Thank you for your time.

An Addict




Dear Addict,

I understand where you are coming from, but you misunderstand me.  Very few individuals go from being a good citizen to serial rapist.  There is a pattern of behaviors that leads individuals slowly to that end result.  


This pattern is not an excuse for someone to hide behind, because everyone is responsible for each decision which leads to that end result.  There are no excuses.


This article merely explains how a series of very poor decisions can lead one to a very bad result. It is the result of poor thinking.  It is thinking that, “this little step will not hurt” is what is faulty and dangerous.  In this manner individuals are lead slowly, step-by-step down to addictions and terrible behaviors.


Any addiction will lead captives to such depths of despair that there is only one way back.  These steps are as follows:


·         Honestly make the decision to change

·         Ask for God’s help

·         Trust in Him to point out faulty thinking

·         Follow His promptings to make consistent proper decisions

·         Take appropriate action to change addictive behaviors


When these steps are followed they will allow addicted individuals to climb out of their hell a step at a time back to normalcy.


Best wishes,

Dr. Nay