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Token Economy:
A Way to Modify Bad Behavior
Annette Nay, Ph.D.
Copyright @ 2004

Whether you are talking about your pre-teen or the 4 year-old, Token Economy may be just the ticket to influence the children to do what they should do.

In many parenting styles, the parents punish for bad behavior but completely for get to give a pat on the back to their child when he follows through on what he is supposed to do or does a good job. Many parents take this time to breath and are thankful that their child is not getting into trouble, yet again.

Good parenting skill hold that just the opposite is true. Try to ignore the little stuff and praise the behaviors that you want to reinforce. This can be done through Token Economy.

This is already being done in school classrooms. When class members stay on task a number of marbles are placed in a goldfish bowl. When they are bad some are taken out. When the marbles reach the top, the class has a pizza party.

Youths drug and alcohol rehabilitation homes and in behavior modification ranches and homes, Token Economy if often used. Points are given for good behaviors and bad ones take away points. At the end of the week (for youths) or the end of the day (for children), the points can be redeemed for things that they really want. Sometimes these can be for special activities, clothing, or privileges. At home this could even parlay into one-on-one time with a parent.

Token Economy not only acknowledges bad behavior but rewards good behavior. It may be something you may want to implement.

How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask How To Get Your Child To Do What You Ask
by Annette Nay, PhD

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