Who is the Thief Among Us

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 1999

Most parents have had the unsavory task of trying to find out who took what was not supposed to have been taken. Almost invariably, nobody did it.

When a thief gets away by lying, his negative behavior has been rewarded. Now you have a thief and a liar to deal with. Both will be burned at the Lord's second coming unless they have a change of heart, repent, and never do it again.

As a parent you cannot afford to allow this to continue. When the other siblings see that one of them got away with a crime just by lying, they will see stealing and lying as beneficial tools to get them what they want. Because of this, crime will escalate, life will become unbearable, and you run the risk of losing your entire family, eternally.

How is a parent supposed to know who the culprit is? Here are the steps to ferret out the truth. If you have a spouse be sure to include him/her in these steps.

Faith Promoting Variation

This variation of this can be done to strengthen the children's faith in God.

Setting up Restitution

In all cases, restitution needs to take place and a personal apologize to the victim of the theft.

Talk to the perpetrator about the how the victim feels. Point out that s/he is hurting not only self, but the whole family.


A Set Consequence for Each Offense

If the child chooses to repeat the offense a third or more times the punishment may result in loss of freedom, privileges, and free time for and extended time.

The Wrap-Up

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Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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