Goals for Teachers and Leaders Who Teach

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright © 2000

Primary Goal:

·         Get students ready to meet God.


Secondary Goals:

·         Schedule lesson time.

·         Know your students so you can choose the material to benefit them most.

·         Be prepared by doing the lesson early in the week.

·         Ask for Heavenly intervention in helping choose, prepare, and teach the lesson.

·         Never teach a lesson without teaching about Christ or His gospel.

·         Teach with an outline instead of reading from the manual.

·         Vary the lesson approach.

·         I will use this basic frame work to teach the lesson…

o        Assess progress on the class challenges

o        Pull from the learners the knowledge the have on the lesson subject

o        Fill in the holes – (Teach the lesson)

o        Assess learners new knowledge - Summarize

o        Challenge learners to live gospel principle, immediately!

o        Help them set reachable goals.

·         Tell the students how the principle relates to their lives and why they need to apply it.

·         Help the students set goals to use the principle

·         I will monitor the students progress through the week.

Smaller supportive goals should be set to reach the secondary goals!


Secondary Goal:  Be prepared by doing the lesson early in the week

Supportive Goals:  I will read my lesson for the 1st time within 24 hours of giving the previous lesson.

                                        I will pray for help in picking the appropriate information that my students need.

                                        I will continue to read the lesson and tailor the material to my students.

Start date: Immediately!

·         Finish date:  When I am no longer a teacher!

·         Reward:  I have helped my students be better people!

·         Consequence:  I will be held accountable for not helping them to change.


Put these goals on your bathroom mirror or some where you will see them often.

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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