20 Time Management Ideas

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 2000

1. Don't procrastinate doing big jobs!

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2. People often feel their time keeps getting away from them and they have no control over it. One of the major problems is that they underestimate the time needed to do tasks or stops. Often they think it will only take five minutes. This is where people get behind in their schedules. Allow at least 15 minutes for even quick little jobs. There is seldom anything in this world that takes less time. If something does take less time then you are ahead of your game plan.

3. Get a calendar/planner with large squares so you can see the important things happening in the month all at once.  List all your important dates.

4. Your calendar should have another section that you can write in detail what is happening each day as they are to occur in their time slots.

5. Plan your day the night before, during your prayers with God so He can help you see the pitfalls so you can plan better and have a better, less stressful day.

6. People will continue to give you more things to do until you holler, "STOP!" or totally breakdown health-wise, mentally, or both. Learn to say, "NO." If you have your priorities straight then you will not have a problem saying, "NO." See the articles:

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7. Some people never really get going on any project or get their day organized and moving on track because they are paralyzed because of their perfectionism. Read this article and see what I mean.

Preventing Perfectionism


8. Your day is not etched in granite. If things come up, dump the want-to-DOS and go with bare bones have-to-DOS. If this is not possible then just do the most important things. If this is not possible then see if you can delegate the most important have-to-DOS to someone else. Family and friends will come to your aid if you ask.


9. While you are talking on the phone, do something that needs to be done that you can do while you are talking.

10. When you are going from appointment to appointment or standing in lines, take something you can do or read. Never just sit and do nothing unless it is your relax time. You can even plan the following days events.

11. Household jobs can be put an 3x5 cards and put in a recipe box under the days or months they are to be done. in the top right corner put how often the job should be done ... daily, weekly. monthly, etc. In the upper left corner put down how long it actually takes you do to the job right. Do not guess. Time the job! Being organized like this helps you to focused on what needs to be done. When a job gets done you put it in the done section. If you do not have time for all the dailies then put them first tomorrow. You can also put cards in to remind you to send out birthday cards or write this in your planner or on your calendar.

12. Have all your cleaning material in a tote that you take with you from place to place so you do not have to back track to get a brush or cleaner for the job at hand.

13. Many women are taught to scrub the dirt and grime away before moving on. Instead, let water do the work. Wet down an area or wall, then go back and clean it in a few minutes. Usually you only have to wipe not scrub. If the junk or dirt is still stuck on then wet and come back again later. Work smart not hard.

14. Do a light cleaning of major items throughout the house cleaned up before you go to bed so you can start the day without clutter. Pick up all trash, dishes, clothes etc. If children are involved in causing the clutter, invite their help in getting it cleared up before bed.

15. Clean as you go. This is especially true of bedrooms and cooking in the kitchen.

16. A forty minute catnap will revitalize you and help you do you work faster and better than keep going in a tired state. Any more than forty minutes tends to make you even more tired because you are awaking yourself out of deep sleep. At that point the body requires its eight hours sleep to feel refreshed.

17. Learn how to totally relax to give your body a rest especially when you are having a stressful day, so you can maximize the use of entire day. See...

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18. Many people waste a lot of time in trying to find things. A good organized home or office will help you to take advantage of your time because everything will have a place and then it will only take a few minutes to put it there. This saves ulcers and time when you need to find things in a hurry. See...



19. Keep a running list of things you would like to do if you had time. Often when this time occurs we do not know what to do with it. So keep the list handy for those moments to take best advantage of them.

20. Invite the Lord to be with you through all your dealing throughout the day. Have an open-ended prayer with Him and just discuss the day and what's going on. Most of all have fun with Him. Go on walks, notice the flowers, or look or shapes in the clouds and invite Him along by commenting about what you think, see, and feel at the time. In this way the Lord feels free to comment back and help you through your day. Following Him will take better advantage of the time than you will ever be able to do yourself.