Reasons for Feeling Lousy

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 1997


Physical Illness

Stress lowers the body's ability to fight off infection, leaving the individual prey for viral or bacterial infections.


Somatic Illness

The body becomes ill or paralyzed because of mental stresses. As soon as the mental stress is gone the body's illness is gone.


Lack of Proper Nutrition, Sleep, or Exercise

hungry, angry, lonely, or tired = HALT


Anniversary Effect

When the date of a passed significant stressful event comes it may cause psychological and/or physical stress because the mind remembers the events that happened on that date.


Full Moon

The moon's gravity exerts is forces on our body because the moon is closer than any other time.



People's expectations tend not to match their reality. Also people become over stressed in preparations, dealing with relatives, and fighting tight budgets at this time.


Changes in Seasons & Weather

Seasonal Affect Syndrome, Summer to Fall, Winter to Spring, cold snaps, gray cloudy days.


Life Stressors

Such items as death, moving, divorce, rape, job loss, physical/verbal/sexual abuse, significant others & children, being over-extended monetarily or time-wise, and deadlines.


Being an Adrenaline Junkie

It is a psychological addiction to an adrenaline rush activities.


Menstrual Cycle, Menopausal Problems, or Post Partum Blues