Benefits and Disadvantages of Different Types of Sugars

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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Please tell me if the existing sugar of honey and dates are harmless at any amount, and what are the maximum portions that we can eat these foods daily.


- Wondering


Dear Wondering,

Anything to excess is bad for you.  Honey and fructose will probably not hurt you, because it is all natural, but you need to be concerned of the amount of calories you are consuming and what a large amount of sugar is doing to your blood sugar level. You should never consume more than you are going to be able to use at that period of time.  That level then varies with what you are doing.  Therefore, a person who was going to run a race would be able to eat more than a person who sits in an office all day and does no exercise.

Honey has 64 calories per Tablespoon, where as fructose is 30 calories is calories per Tablespoon, less than half as many calories.  Fructose is better for your blood sugar lever because it is made of several different undamaged sugars chains that break down at different times.  This makes the amount of sugar entering your blood system a low dose over time, instead of a large amount of sugar all at once. 

The body tries to keep your blood level at homeostasis or another words, at the same level.  To do this, the body counters the glut of sugar with a chemical called insulin.  This stays in the body longer than the sugar causing the person to feel depressed, because insulin is a depressant.  This is why people who consume processed sugar feel sluggish, tired, and their mood is down after the sugar is gone from the system.

Even though it would seem that fructose is the sugar to use, it also has its problems.  It does not trigger the body’s hormone that raises the rate metabolism or mood.  So you are just getting calories.  This is not bad if you choose to exercise.  Exercise will raise metabolism and mood, plus burn the calories.

Honey usually has 40% fructose the rest glucose.  This gives honey both properties:  a fast rise in sugar level with a rise in mood and metabolism, plus sugars that break down over time. 

Even though I haven't answered you questions exactly, I hope it the information will better help you to make wise decisions in your food consumption.

Best wishes,

Annette Nay, MS


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