How to Stay Faithful to Your Spouse

Annette Nay, Ph.D.
Copyright © 2010


Dear Dr. Nay,

I am married and have two children.  Presently working and staying abroad, away from my family.  Due to my limitations I am unable to get my family with me in the Gulf Country where I am working.  I am a born again Christian and would like to be faithful to God and to my wife. I get only 30 days vacation once in a year to be with my family.

Under such circumstances kindly advise me as to how can I overcome the temptations of the flesh.

Thank you



Dear Sir,

I highly suggest doing these things:

  1. Say your prayers morning and night.  Pray for God's help in this matter (e.g. take away urges, etc.). Ask for Godís Spirit to go with you through your day.
  2. Also, pray to be conquer over Satan each day.  When temptation arises, do like Joseph who sold into slavery in Egypt (Bible):  Run and don't look back
  3. Read your scriptures before you leave each morning. - I pair my reading with eating my breakfast, so that it gets done.
  4. Don't go shopping for trouble; another words don't look.  If your not looking you will not see anything to tempt you.
  5. When Satan tries to put unwanted thoughts into your mind. Sing a hymn you like.  If you cannot sing it out loud, sing it in your head.  Do not give place for evil thoughts to grow.  If you can control your thoughts you can con control your actions.  You can also ask for help from God to remove such thoughts.
  6. Skype your family often.  (See - it is free calling or very cheap depending where you are.)  
  7. Keep a daily journal of what you have learned in your scripture reading, what you have been doing that day, and count the blessings that God has given you that day.  You could send these thoughts to your family.
  8. Invite your wife to study the same passages you are studying and discuss them together either by Skype or email.

Another words stay close to God and your family as much as possible!  Yes, it will take some effort, but anything worthwhile is worth doing well.  I highly suggest you pass these ideas on to your wife also.


Best wishes,

Dr. Nay