Sharing Feelings

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 1999

Being aware of your feelings keeps stress from being distress. Stress can be reduced by acknowledging its presence and the feelings which are causing the stress. This is successfully by talking about the feelings and the problems they are causing. Sharing feelings with others brings a psychological intimacy. Also people who share feelings have a better chance for a productive relationship. Sharing thoughts clarifies your thinking and helps you to be a better you. Expressed feelings often help you to be more sensitive to what you are feeling and the feelings of others.

Sharing feelings can be done directly either verbally or in writing. It is also done, unknowingly, indirectly, through our body language. That is, through the tone of our voice, body posture, eye contact, facial expressions. Often we say one thing while our body betrays our true feelings. Many times we sense the differences in what others are saying and what their body language is telling us. We register this difference as something being not right or a little off. We can consciously look of others body language to help us understand them better. We can also monitor our own body language to help us sense our true feelings.

Trust in relationships are partially dependent on how true we are in expressing our feelings to ourselves and to significant others. You have the right to change yourself and your feelings. In fact you and your feelings are the only things you can change. You do not have the right, nor ability to change others or their feelings. You may temporarily change a persons actions by force or coercion, but you will never change their feelings or their beliefs unless they choose to do so themselves.


Annette Nay, Ph.D.


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