How to Help Your Youths or You Recognize the Spirit

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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Recognizing the Spirit

Since the Spirit is often experienced in different ways by individuals, sometimes it is difficult for youths and adults to realize it is with them.  This is especially true for youths, because no one has taken the time to help them understand that what they are feeling at the time is the Spirit.

The Spirit can come as a warm good feeling.  Individuals who haven’t had this feeling identified as the Holy Ghost may feel that it is the teacher who has caused it.

People can be heard to say, “I like being in Sister So-n-so’s class.  There’s such a good feeling there.”   Or they may say, “ I like being with So-n-so because there is such a good feeling around her or she make me feel good inside.”  Usually people hearing this will just nod their heads and agree instead of pairing the good feelings the individual has had  with the attendance of the Spirit.

When you feel the Spirit reaching out to your teens, finish your teaching moment and then ask the class what they are feeling at that moment.  Tell them that is the Holy Ghost.  Take a moment and discuss how the Holy Ghost manifests Himself.

How the Holy Ghost Manifests Himself

·        A still small voice in your thoughts.

·        The burning of the bosom like sunlight beating directly on the chest area

·        Sudden strokes of new ideas or knowledge

·        Enlightenment as in an idea or thought is expanded or explained more fully

·        The feeling of joy

·        The feeling of peace

·        May send warnings

·        May be accompanied by tears

·        An expanded sense of love and/or thankfulness

·        A great sense of truth

·        May be accompanied by total silence

·        The Holy Ghost will come repeated until you have made up your mind.  This happens when he is issuing warnings or trying to help you make the right choice.  When you do make a choice, right or wrong, He is quiet because you have exercised your free agency.

How Can You Know If It’s The Holy Ghost

·        Think through what was said.

·        Make a decision whether it was or not from what you have been taught and know to be right!

·        Then ask the Lord if what you decided was right or not.

·        The general answer to this request is the burning of the bosom, but it can be any combination of the above items listed above.

How to Invite the Spirit into Your Family Home Evenings

As teachers, it is our responsibility to get ourselves ready to receive the spirit before we teach.  We must humbly ask the Lord to have His Spirit to help us teach the lesson.  In addition we need to…

·        Have a family member open the lesson with prayer.

·        Teach from the scriptures and from the words of the Latter-day Prophets.

·        Bear your testimony and encourage class members to do so when moved by the Spirit.

·        Often, the Spirit will testify to others of the validity of personal experiences told by family members or you.

·        The use of appropriate music in your lesson often encourages the Spirit to touch hearts.

Make sure that your youths never get through your home without experiencing and knowing the promptings of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Give them experiences in getting answers to prayers by suggesting that they seek out an answer to their questions (thinking it through), make a decision based on the information they have found out, and then take it to the Lord to find out if their decision is correct.

Allow these experiences to be shared during Family Home Evening!



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