Just a Little Bit Addicted to Pornography is still Addicted

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 2001

Dear Annette,

I need help!  I'm a 17 yr. old Mormon male and I think I am almost close to getting addicted to pornography...I know it's sad, it even breaks my heart to hear myself say that.  It pretty much stated at junior high...after which I repented with all my heart.

I was convinced that I was through with it and I cancelled that off my list of hindrances to my perfection.  But recently, an unprecedented urge almost always controls me whenever I go on-line and lures my to "those" sites. One thing I don't do is actually explore the site...I just go there and quickly move out. it's like a want to see something but at the same time I know deep down that I'm staining my soul...that gets me scared and makes me feel weak.

I've tried praying and it actually worked but it reached a time I refused to pray because I knew I would get strength to overcome it and a part of me wants to see something...   I know it sounds crazy but that's the reality.

Another thing is that, immediately I am done...there is this burden, it's like carrying the whole universe up on my shoulders...I repent, make a covenant and I keep clean for a long while until that desire, the aggression to kill that impious part of me dies...and I am left to fate.

When I read that letter at your website...I knew I didn't want to be like that addicted husband...I want more in my future relationship than mere lust.  Also, that quotation about lusting after a lady I realized wanting to see or even take a glimpse as it is in my case is causing adultery. I just hope this renewed truth will last enough to take me through a lot.

I also know that very soon I will be going on mission and as such, I should by no means be unworthy...I will not know how  to say this to my Bishop, he trusts me too much.  So at the moment...I will need you to intensively admonish me and I will do my part with prayer and fasting.

Hope to hear from you soon.

A Son.


Dear Son of God,

Satan has your number and you keep answering the phone and talking with him.  Do not let this occur any further!!!  You cannot become a God if you cannot control your passions and yourself! God will not give such masterful power to an individual who has not got a rein on himself!  

But God will not have to worry about deciding whether you should be a God or an administering angel because He will not have that chance because Satan will drag you down to hell with your indiscretions of pornography.  



  1. Tell your Bishop NOW!  Right now you are not worthy to go on a mission! Your Bishop can help you with your war with Satan!  YOU NEED HIS HELP OR YOU WILL LOOSE YOURSELF!
  2. Get your Bishop to give you a Priesthood Blessing to overcome this!
  3. You cannot control your urges to go to these sites so put a lockout on your account to have it keep you out of these sites.  If this is not possible, then never get on line without someone else in the room with you.    Satan would have you believe that this action show you are weak.  The truth is that you are taking affirmative action against Satan and his worldly lures and he doesn't like it.  
  4. When you get urges towards pornography in any of its facets...RUN!

Satan would have you believe that you can handle this for yourself.  That things aren't that bad. The truth is . . .




Get worthy now to go on a mission!

Please let me know how you're doing!

Get help NOW!


With love from your sister,

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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