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Annette Nay, Ph.D.
Copyright 1998

Do you have a problem that you would like to see resolved? Say a miracle happened last night and your problem has been righted, how would you know the miracle had happened. Picture yourself without that problem. How would things be? How would you feel? How would others act? What things would tell you the miracle had actually happened. List those items down.

These little things become the small steps for you to work on to accomplish your larger goal of ridding yourself of the problem. These small steps will take some thinking on your part on how you will accomplish them. Write down how you will attain these smaller goal. These are the daily challenges you will set for yourself. Choose to accomplish them in the order that you think will help you see a difference soon.

Do not try to do too many too fast. Set small achievable steps which always aim at the goal you have set. Write down when you will start and accomplish each goal. Post your goal where you will see it often. Ask others to help remind you to stay on task.

If the steps you have chosen do not get you results after a week or two of persistence than modify your plan to make it work. Some people get caught up in thinking that if it didn't work, they must try harder. If it doesn't work change your tactic!

Finally before starting this process, pray! Pray that your will be able to see clearly how your world would look like without the problem. Ask God/Your Higher Power to help you write down what this would look like for you. Ask Him/Her to help you work through each of these step to the completion of your goals. Use Him/Her as your reporting official each morning and night. Ask for His/Her help each morning in accomplishing your goals. When things get rough throughout the day, pray for His/Her help. When you included God/Your Higher Power on your team there is nothing that cannot accomplish. It may take time and work, but it will be of great worth in the end to you and those who's lives you touch.


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