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Controlling MS
Annette Nay, Ph.D.
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The medical advances have found a cure for MS. Drugs only make things worse for your body and you. See my article "Untreated Allergies causes Many Illness, Autoimmune Diseases, Hypothyroidism, Cancer and Ultimately, Death."

 If You Feel You need to Use a Drug to Combat MS

I have studied out all the medications that are available to slow down or stop MS's progress. The best out there is a drug called Copaxone. It has the least side-effects because it mimics myelin, the material around the nerves which the white-blood cells are attacking and destroying, which destroys ones health. Each day the drug gives the white blood cells lots of fake myelin to attack which means that less of the real myelin is being attacked which keeps the nervous system intact.

All the other drugs have a high potential of damaging the liver. You your liver to live! Secondly they suppress the immune system (the white blood cells) which makes the person like a AIDS victim. This is not good either! This is why I opted to use the Copaxone.

I do not know why doctors often try to put MS victims on any of the other drugs instead of Copaxone, unless it is because it is a relatively young drug and the others have been around for a long time.

Perhaps it is because they do not feel that their patients can handle give themselves a daily shot with a very small needle. I have never had a problem with this even though I had a phobia about needles, because I use an ice-cube to ice down the injection site so it is numb. I never feel a thing. It is fast and easy. I believe with some education on haw to give oneself injections, anyone can do it. I also believe it is worth it.


MS is slowed or halted.

No chance of liver damage.

If the problems are just starting then it is early in the game. With drugs to halt or slow down the progress of MS, a person can go on for years as if nothing or almost nothing is wrong. However, once the damage is done, it is done. So it is imperative the person gets on a drug therapy immediately after they are diagnosed with MS.

Group Support

She should also join the local MS chapter. The gals have a lot of knowledge and support that they can give her.  She will need that if she has MS. Check the net or the phonebook to find the chapter in her area.


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