How Scouters can Counsel Scouts and Scouters Effectively

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright © 1994

Dear Scouter,

How many times have you listened endlessly to the troubles of another? Too many times probably! What did either of you come away with? The speaker was able to unburden his or her problems. This temporarily released some pressure and made him/her feel better. But the problem still exists. You got an ear full and will probably do so again because you were a good listener.

A good counselor has to listen. You've probably felt that listening was all you were qualified to do. What you really wanted to do was bring relief to this troubled person's life. Now you can help, and do so confidently! Just follow these steps:


Rewards are not bribery but a pat on the back for setting and reaching goals. We all need them.


Shorthand to Counseling

1. Listen

5. Set up little steps.

9. Gain support of others.

2. What is the perfect scenario?  What does it look like?

6. Write it down.

10. Set up rewards.

3. List possibilities.

7. Get a Commitment

11. Act like success has happened.

4. Set up the goal.

8. Pray for help.

12. Review/Revise


Acronym to Counseling

" LAST "


Also see: Which Brings Best Results: Lecturing or Listening



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Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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