Fellowshipping Tips from General Conference

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 1999

My talk is on fellowshipping. The general conference talks in April and October for 1998 address the subject quite well. I would like to review those points with you.

We must be more effective in our callings, especially that of being missionaries, because this is the last dispensation before Christ comes to rule and reign. We must be in a hurry to do better and more.

Reach out to the inactive and the non-member. Reach out with: friendship, service, unconditional love, talk about the church, and testify to them of the gospel using the Holy Spirit. Invite them to be taught by the missionaries in your home. Be a support and an example to them.

Fellowship new converts fully.

Strengthen the convert as a student, parents in his/her profession and as a citizen.

The temple ordinances need to be extended to as many people as possible as soon as possible.

We must use superior teaching at home, school, church and the administrative meetings.

Visiting Teachers and Home Teachers need to prepare each of their members to go to the temple, be fully in the gospel and fully feel the fellowship of the church.

Invest your time, talents, and means to build Zion to gain purified hearts, wisdom, and celestial habits.

Use the 5 "I's" to help bring people into or back into the church.

Introspection - Think of how to include others into your activities.

Identify - Know who do you want to involve?

Individualize - Know these people's talents.

Invite - Invite these people to be with us.

Involve - Use these people's talents to involve them with us.

Warn your neighbor. Help him/her to be ready for Christ's Second Coming.

Bless the lives of all those living within your ward's boundaries.

Share the generously gospel with others.

Influence others people to do good works.

Be your brother's keeper. Show a gentler heart to help the weary and the wounded.

Change your heart and mind towards God's will. As you change you can do much good in bringing to pass the change in others.

The world need a light. Be that light!

Improving Yourself makes You a Better Fellowshipper because others are watching you!

Win the battle to choose the right by: choosing good friends, seeking guidance, studying the gospel, obeying the commandments, serving with love, and praying with purpose.

Focus on those things that are of greatest concern, not those of little consequence.

Read the scriptures, pray, ponder and repent where needed.

Be prepared to meet Christ! Take the opportunity now to set goals and make needed changes in your live, one step at a time by cultivating the divine attributes of Christ in your life.

Watch the things you put in your mind. Be careful of the movies you see, the music you listen to, and the books and articles you read.

Be in the world, not of the world. Be and individual, not one of the crowd.

Put on the whole armor of God and look to Him for help.

Believe you can achieve and develop the talents your Heavenly Father has given you. This brings self esteem. Also, develop such talents as a good disposition and an even temperament.

Live worthy of the blessings of the temple.

Seek a temple marriage.

Hunger and thirst after righteousness and be united in doing good works.

Be true at all times with whatever you are entrusted with.

Be consistent with your beliefs through your actions.

Embrace, study, and appreciate the revealed truths that are ours.

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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