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Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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Dear Annette,

I have a 21 month old boy who is not hungry and won't eat much. Even at the best of times I cannot get him to touch any fruit, vegetables, potatoes, cheese, peanut butter, scrambled egg you name it. He will eat some snack foods so it's not so much the lack of volume as the lack of variety that really concerns me and I can't find any information to help me out on this one.

Every time I give him, perhaps a piece of fruit on his highchair tray, he shies away from it like it's the plague. Please give me some pointers on this one, please!

A very perplexed mother,



Dear Louise,

I would check with your child's doctor to see if anything is wrong. A good checkup never hurts.

Each children went through this stage approximately this age went. I got them a checkup just to check that everything was all right. My doctor told me to continue offering good food, but not to worry because the child will eat when s/he is hungry. After a month to two months the child started eating with a vengeance and growing like a weed. It was almost like the body was resting up for a great growth spurt.

Children like and prefer snack foods, but these are not always the best for them to have especially when they are not eating much. I would put away the junk food. When he is hungry, he will eat!

Best wishes,

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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