Councils Should . . .

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

Copyright 1997

  1. Allow each member to have a say with "free, open discussion with clear, concise communication."
  2. "Have a joining of forces in a spirit of loving cooperation."
  3. Have a united action producing a greater effect that the sum of the various parts.
  4. Work together to produce an out-pouring of affection and interest for those under their stewardship.
  5. Use the order of the church to gain help for its members.
  6. Watch for opportunities to grow relationships between the members and investigators to lessen the dependence investigators have with the missionaries.
  7. Make sure new converts are:
  8. See that less actives receive a calling the assures they are needed and loved.
  9. Be guided by those holding authority not by a democratic forum.
  10. Run by the direction of the Holy Spirit and are never superseded by majority rule.
  11. Never underestimate the power and worth of other member's input especially when guided by the Spirit.
  12. Do the work not the leader alone.
  13. Should run by a pre formulated plan or agenda put together by the leader and the Spirit.
  14. Work from an agenda distributed by the leader, at lease 24 hours before the meeting.
  15. "Focus on ministering to people not administering programs."
  16. Be motivated when they feel a sense of purpose or part of the cause, which comes from seeing the vision or being focused.
  17. Be allowed to buy into the vision by free expression (agency) and a participation in the decisions (= buying into the idea) which makes each member feels responsibility for outcomes.
  18. Understand that if the decisions made in the councils are made in:
  19. ...let every man learn his duty. . .to act in . . .his office. . . in all diligence. . . to be counted worthy to stand" (D&C 107:99-100).
  20. Exercise themselves in prayer.
  21. Know that councils bring together the wisdom of divergent views and backgrounds, that through the Spirit a correct accord can be reached and acted upon.
  22. Power is gained from drawing upon the diversity of backgrounds, abilities, and spiritual gifts of each member of the council.
  23. Listen to the member's point of view.
  24. Should know that " . . .every decision. . .be by . . .unanimous voice. . .every member in each quorum must agree to its decisions. . ." D&C 107: 27
  25. Table all discussions that lack unanimity to convene further thought, prayer, and discussion.
  26. Be confidential about information discussed. Some information can be destructive to other's lives.
  27. Make the central focus of each plan/activity be based around the mission of the church:
  28. Will be surprised how much more focused and fruitful the work will become when examining it through the lens of saving souls through the mission of the church.
  29. The greatest mission of church councils are to make a difference in peoples lives


Ballard, M. Russell (1997). Counseling with Our Councils. Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company.

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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