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Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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Dear Annette,

I have only been a member of the church for a little over four years. I love the gospel and the people in it. Now I have been asked to do this highly visual project for the stake and I'm afraid that I will blow it in from of everybody. I try to do my best at every job that has been given me, but there are always little things that I can't control. That really bothers me. The more I think about this project the more I am inclined to tell them I can't do it, before it gets too late for them to get somebody else that can do a much better job than me. I just want to stay where I am. I get the feeling that I should accept it but, I am afraid to. What do you think I should so do?


Dear Afraid,

Every time I have been given a church job it has been in an area that I needed growth. How could that happen when we moved all over the US with the Air Force? It happened because the Lord knew what I needed and inspired my leaders to put me in that position.

I can see that happening to you with this new stake opportunity you have. God knows that you will do a good job or He wouldn't have given you this job. If you don't know this for a fact you need to ask Him if it is true. Once you realize that the Lord meant for you to have this job, it will be easier for you to take it on because the Lord does not give us anything to do unless He has prepared a way for us to accomplish it.

He also knows that you will have to come to Him in prayer to understand how He wants this project done, or it will not come out right. He is trying to give you growth in organizing and the opportunity of hearing others say what a good job you have done. He does this to build your self esteem and bring you closer to Him. What a God! Aren't we glad He's on our team!

As I got more high visual church jobs, the more I had to depend on the Lord for help. With the Lord's help things always turned out well. Invariable people would say what a good job I did. Instead of graciously accepting the compliment with a simple, "Thank you," I would pick at the little things that went wrong. Some of my friends tried to help me see all the good things that had happened, but I was intent on picking and they would finally give up and walk away.

One day after a large event took place which I had engineered, the Spirit got totally sick of me cutting my work down and asked me point blank,

"Annette did you meet the major expectations you set for this project."


"Did the members like how it turned out?"


"Then be happy with that!

There will always be little things go wrong.

Your the only one that knows what they are. Leave them alone and be happy!

You did well!"

I was amazed. I had just got a personal dressing-down from the Lord! From that time forward I have given myself permission to let go of the little stuff and focus on whether the major goals have been met. I like myself better and enjoy what I am doing. I even think that I am better company for the Spirit to be with!

The war cry that has helped me through self-doubt and awful days with Multiple Sclerosis is this:

If I am doing the best that I can for today, then God, my fellowmen, nor I can expect more of myself.

At that point, I can be happy with myself, because I have set realistic expectations and love myself, even if my best today is not as good as yesterday's!

Before you go to sleep each night say to yourself out loud, three times like you mean it....

I love myself!

I love myself because_______! (Come up with something different every night you use this.)

I LOVE myself!


You can use this same methods to give yourself other positive affirmations, like:


I love this project.

This project will go well.

I'm doing a good job and I'm proud of me.

I love the people I'm working with.


If you will do your positive affirmations just before sleep, these thoughts will replay themselves over and over in your subconscious for about an hour after you go to sleep! The subconscious is where all the bad self image information you have about yourself is stored. In this way you are replacing the bad information with good ones!

Love yourself!

Best wishes,

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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