Dear Annette,

Our regional conf is coming up in March and absolutely nothing has been started yet!  I get so frustrated with this "last minute approach, as I know it leads to an unsuccessful conference!  Our theme is a great uplifting theme, Iím excited about it.  Without making all the suggestions/ delegating/ work myself, how do I get the Stake leader to "get with it"?  I'm so tired of the boring conferences that have been increasingly presented over the past 2 or 3 yrs.  It's time for something FUN, as well as educational.

HELP please!
Needs Help


Dear Needs Help,

You didn't say what job you hold in this event.  If you are the leader I suggest the following.  If you are not the leader, I suggest you give this article to the person in charge, anonymously if you are not acquainted with them enough to go to them in person.  I would also include your letter before mine, leaving your name out of it.

The Solution is...


Planning and Holding Others Accountable for Their Jobs

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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When I was the Relief Society Work Leader, the person over Work Meetings now called Enrichment Meetings, I refused to have MY program be a flop, because it was MY program.  If a teacher was not prepared to give her class I had one in the wings ready to put on myself.

When my teachers learned that I was prepared if they were not they became more unprepared.  It was exhausting for me to do everybody's job.  At that point in time I went to my husband who is was a business management major in college.  He helped me set up a plan where my sisters learned to plan, be successful, and were held accountable for their jobs.  The result was that we were all happier and we all had personal growth.

The Plan

Set up a three month plan for our planning meetings.  If the event was in March, we would have three planning meetings before the event.  They would take place in January, February, and March.  This is how each meeting went...

January's Meeting - The Ideas Meeting

*  The theme was introduced.

*  A brainstorming session was held.

*  Tentative assignments were made.

*  Ideas that needed researching had researchers assigned to find the answers or resources.

*  A basic framework for the event was outlined.

*  Break down each departments assignments into doable parts for the next 2 meetings.  Example: 

          February - All decorations, projects, or others items will be due for show and tell.

          March - All handouts are due to the Secretary, so they can be run off.



*  Make sure that all assignments are written down.

*  Make sure that everyone knows that you expect a report on their assignment at February's Meeting.

*  Make sure that each person knows what is expected of her at the next meeting. 

February's Meeting - Info Gathering Meeting

*  Check on the progress of all assignments.

*  Check on the research of all assigned researchers

*  Make decisions based on resources and the information brought back from the researchers.

*  Make additional assignments based on these decisions. Write these down.

March's Meeting - The Nailing Down Meeting

*  All assignments are due at that this meeting not when the event happens.

This way if they are not quite ready, there is a grace period before the event.

This grace period should not never be mentioned in your planning with staff.  Leaders should strive to never use it if possible, as people have a tendency to procrastinate as long as allowed to do so.

The due date is at the March meeting, not the March event!

*  If need be, set another due date before the event for the person/s to report to whoever is over that item.

Understanding how to make this plan work is imperative to those of us who strive to be good leaders, parents, and Heavenly Mothers.  We need to know how to set deadlines and hold others accountable for their stewardship. 

I hope that this plan will help you, your leaders, and those in your stake/ward to have positive personal growth.   

Best wishes,

Annette Nay, Ph.D.

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