Attention Deficit Disorder

Annette Nay, Ph.D.


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Dear Annette,

I need help with my son. He's 7 yrs old. I find it very difficult to get me to concentrate on his studies. He's concentration power is so limited. At home when I teach him his spelling for school, he's able to do it. But when he gets to school, he forgets everything.

Also, when I'm teaching him, his always moving around and fidgeting. He'll be either putting his fingers in his mouth or moving something. And when I hit him, for a moment he'll be okay and the very next second, his back doing the same things again. He goes to school not knowing whether there's homework or not. When we ask him about school work, he's always lost. We have to check his bag to find out things. I really do not know how to handle him. I'm very worried and plan to work

part time from next year just to couch him. Please help me. I need to know how can I make him an independent person and to cope with his studies. I've no problem with my daughter when it comes to school. She doesn't need to be reminded of her homework.

Awaiting your reply. Thanks.


Dear Awaiting,

Have him write down his assignments for each subject and have the teacher sign it before he leaves. You may also need the teacher to also check his backpack to see that he has the appropriate books/notebooks needed to do the homework.

The things you are telling me are all characteristics of Attention Deficit Disorder. You may be able to get the school psychologists to test him to see if he has it or go to a private psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in this disorder. Call around and get referrals of good qualified people.

Basically, people with Attention Deficit Disorder cannot concentrate on one thing because their brain cannot filter out all the extraneous stimuli like all noises, colors, and voices. This may be your son's problem.

I have enclosed basic information I got from the net. There is a lot more information there also. I used the Mining Company. It is an excellent place to go for all kinds of information.

Click here-->

At the search window type in Attention Deficit Disorder and it will give you more information than the three articles I am sending which originated from there!

Let me know what happens!


Annette Nay, Ph.D.


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