There’s a Problem with Our Food

Annette Nay PhD

Copyright © 2014


The First Problem with Our Food: Diseases Due to Feeding the Wrong Gut Bacteria


Functional Doctors and Nutritionists have found that the beginning of most all if not all disease stems from the stomach being over-ridden by bad bacteria. The stomach contains both good and bad bacteria at any time. But the bad bacteria can get out of balance and destroys the stomach lining causing Leaky Gut, which sets up food allergies, the systematic destruction of the body and its systems, resulting in an autoimmune disease, thyroid problems: stupor of thoughts, hair loss, difficulty in retaining body heat, retention of fat due to the body’s inability to burn fat, and lack of energy not working right causing the body to retain fat not burn it, and the immune system being destroyed over time, allowing cancer cells to proliferate and ultimately kill the individual.


Some nutritionists suggest that raw fermented foods can not only replenish the good bacteria that needs doing consistently, but completely wipe out the bad bacteria, which is a good thing. However the stomach lining needs to be sealed and rejuvenated. There are some nutritionists that have suggested ways to do this, but their ways may or may not work.

Once that you are virtually allergic to every food you have ever eaten due to Leaky Gut, there is only way out, as I see it. It is God.


When we do our part by eating foods that are good for us, eating raw good foods in the correct percentage of raw – vs - dead foods, then we can ask God to make up the difference; through blessing the food that has been modified or destroyed by man. We can also ask Him to fix our body’s problems that have been caused due to the wrong food choices we have made which has caused the imbalance of bad gut flora, food allergies, and Leaky Gut.


Videos that Help Explain the Problem


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A Second Problem with Our Food:  The Making of a Mental Illness

The Cava Venus is one of the largest arteries in your body.  It runs from the stomach to the brain.  When your gut is toxic from eating the wrong foods that toxicity is transferred from the gut to the brain.  Whatever weakness that is apparent in your genes will be the week link that will end up your mental illness with inundated with the toxic chemicals from the gut.  For example, 45 % for individuals in the US will experience depression at least once in their lifetime.  The rate is higher for women.




A Third Problem with Our Food:  The Making of a Food Allergy


A Diet with 51% Raw Foods

Your meals should contain as many raw foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) as possible. The guidelines is to have each meal contain 51% raw foods, meaning: foods that have not have their cell integrity destroyed (i.e. frozen or dehydrated foods, sautéed foods, or foods like beans and wheat that retain their cell integrity even after moderate cooking.)


Canned and bottled foods have used high heat over extended time to kill bacteria, meanwhile they render the foods enzymes and many of the vitamins worthless. You are eating food that is basic of no worth. Having 51% of your diet containing 51% raw foods or foods that have not have their cell integrity destroyed.


How to Cook Foods to Retain Cell Integrity

Depending on the method and length of time you use to cook a food will depend on whether a food will retain its cell integrity. The best idea is to use the shortest amount of cooking time possible. Cooking methods such as sauté, short term boiling, and pan frying, can also be used.

For example: Brown rice can be boiled for 45 minutes, which is the least amount of time used to cook the rice kernel to make it soft and edible. A visual inspection will reveal that the kernel is still intact. However, if the rice is cooked for a hour and a half, the kernel has broken open and has a sticky, mush consistency. Obviously the cell integrity has been compromised.


Methods to Store Your Foods to Retain Cell Integrity

Freezing and dehydrating are about the only two methods of food storage that will retain cell integrity. Bottling and canning uses high heat over time to kill bacteria, but also obliterates cell integrity as well as vitamin and enzyme content.


How to Determine if a Food is Raw

To determine if a manufactured food is considered a raw food one will have to determine how the food was processed. This information about a product may be found on line or on the container itself.


All milk products such as: milk, hard cheeses, butter, yogurt, buttermilk, and ice cream have been pasteurized. This process has heated the food to a very high temperature to kill the bacteria. It has also destroyed the cell integrity.

Dry Beans, dried foods like noodles and spaghetti have just had the water dehydrated by a low heat over time, which has left the cell intact. They then are considered raw foods.


Dry Beans, dried foods like noodles and spaghetti have just had the water dehydrated by a low heat over time, which has left the cell intact. They then are considered raw foods.